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MavSocial is a simple and affordable social media management solution used by thousands of marketers, businesses, and agencies to streamline their social media activities.

MavSocial allows marketers to curate and store content, schedule and automate posts, engage with audiences, listen to industry trends, monitor analytics, build reports and cooperate with team members. MavSocial currently supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and WeChat.

Content is evolving and the way to handle your content should take a step up as well. MAVSocial helps you do just that. Simply put, MAVSocial is an effective, easy content marketing & publishing tool designed to help businesses organize, manage and analyze your total visual content library under one roof.

Benefits of Using MavSocial:

  • MAVSocial makes the process of managing social media visual content is easier by providing businesses with a centralized platform that is capable of storing tons of photos, videos, infographics.
  • MavSocial has a whole host of features, ranging from content management Campaign Planning and Management, Scheduling, and the Social Inbox to name a few.
  • You can easy to upload, store and share content, create campaigns, publish and manage comprehensive reporting on your social media campaigns.
  • MAVSocial offers access to over 70 million quality royalty-free images from Getty Images, Bigstock, Pixabay, Giphy & image*after.
  • MAVSocial features an integrated photo editor loaded with filters and creative stickers & frames, touch-up tools, and more.

The Top Features of MavSocial:

  • Social media post scheduling and boosting
  • Performance tracking
  • Engagement history
  • Reports
  • Performance tracking
  • Intuitive Visual Content Management
  • Flexible Campaign Planning and Management
  • Comprehensive Collaboration

MavSocial Pricing:

  • Advanced: $16/mo
  • Pro: $65/mo
  • Business: $166/mo
  • Enterprise: Custom

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