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Mind Manager

Powerful visualization tools and mind mapping software

Data Management

Mind Manager helps individuals, teams, and enterprises do great work faster and more easily, by simplifying the way they capture, process, and share information. The Mind Manager team is as eclectic as it is energetic. They’re developers and designers, engineers and advocates.

Every day, 2+ million global users brainstorm ideas more creatively, plan and execute projects more efficiently, and communicate knowledge more effectively with Mind Manager.

Benefits of Using Mind Manager:

  • Capture, structure, and organize information easily.
  • Keep everything relevant close at hand to understand dependencies and focus your attention where it matters most.
  • Get a top-down view, and easily see where your time and effort would be best allocated.
  • It intuitively and reliably provides a clearer perspective on the big picture.

The Top Features of Mind Manager:

  • Visualize for a competitive edge
  • Synthesize information
  • Empower plans, projects, and processes
  • Collaborate and communicate

Mind Manager Pricing:

  • One-time cost: $349
  • Annual Subscriber: $169/year
  • Organizations of 5 or more: Special pricing for enterprises, governments, nonprofits, and educational institutions.

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without prior notice. So, please check the original link of pricing.

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