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Oracle BlueKai

BlueKai is the industry’s leading cloud-based big data platform that enables marketing organizations to personalize online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns

Data Management

BlueKai is the industry’s leading cloud-based big data platform that enables companies to personalize online, offline and mobile marketing campaigns with richer and more actionable information about targeted audiences. On February 24, 2014, Oracle company unveiled that it acquired BlueKai to extend the world’s largest Marketing Cloud with the leading Data Management Platform.

Oracle BlueKai is considered to be one of the most effective software that provides advertisers, businesses, and marketers with a great suite of tools and solutions to discover the entire customer journey, target more precisely, create and deliver more targetable media campaigns, and generate higher ROI’s.


  1. Analyze data across devices.
  2. Match devices to consumers
  3. View inventory counts by device
  4. Drive mobile-first media strategies
  5. Map consumer purchase path to device
  6. Know where conversions occur
  7. More granular analysis
  8. Eliminate waste
  9. Organizes a company’s customer and audience data in the cloud to help implement personalized marketing campaigns across all channels and deliver better results and higher marketing ROI.
  10. Run the world’s largest 3rd party data marketplace to augment a customer’s proprietary data with actionable information.

Features & Services:

  1. Cross-Device
  2. ID Graph
  3. Media and Data Ecosystem


The Oracle Company does not provide the pricing listing of its products; if you need to try and access Oracle BlueKai tool, you will have to talk to Oracle’s Sales team here.


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