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Muck Rack

Smarter PR with powerful, easy-to-use software

Data Analysis and Reporting

Muck Rack is the new standard in public relations software. Easily search for journalists, monitor news, and build reports.

You can contact Muck Rack via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Tens of thousands of journalists rely on Muck Rack’s free tools to showcase their best work with automatically updated portfolios, analyze news or receive alerts about any topic, and measure the impact of published stories.

Benefits of Using Muck Rack:

  • Show your value: Muck Rack turns data from your PR campaign into professional, easy-to-digest reports.


  • Never miss a beat: Get alerts in your inbox whenever journalists are writing and tweeting about your company, campaign, competitors or any keywords.


  • Say hello to your one-stop, relationship-building platform and goodbye to outdated media databases: Muck Rack’s search engine lets you discover and pitch relevant journalists in a much more targeted way than legacy media databases.

The Top Features of Muck Rack:

  • Find the right journalists to pitch
  • Monitor the news
  • Report on any campaign

Muck Rack Pricing:

NOTE: For information about the pricing list check their website.

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