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Identity starts with onboarding.

Data Management

-signal is a digital company that evolves tools and services that can connect the world’s brands to their customers at scale by providing an open identity foundation for brands, data owners, and their marketing partners to immediately address customers in real time across any device and any marketing channel.


  1. Onboard and activate data in minutes — not days.
  2. Signal’s unmatched speed and continuous onboarding empower brands to be there when customers need them — not show up a week late.
  3. Unleash the full power of your customer data.
  4. Recognize all of your customers, at all touchpoints.
  5. It helps brands move with their customers — and create journeys just as dynamic.
  6. Connect the dots.
  7. No more wasted ad spend.
  8. Focus on what matters.
  9. Unify your data around a persistent identifier to gain a holistic view of your customers and a base for insights and analytics.
  10. Move freely with your customers and recognize them across all touchpoints to create relevant individualized experiences.
  11. Supercharge customer interactions by building smart, complete and persistent profiles that evolve as quickly as customer preferences.
  12. Communicate with customers and get the closed-loop attribution you need across paid and owned channels — no more guessing games.

Features & Services:

  1. Customer Identity Platform:
    -Customer Data Foundation
    -Continuous Identification
    -Always-Active Profiles
    -Marketing Connections
  2. Customer Identity Solutions:
    -Identity for Media
    -Identity for Insights
  3. Opt-Out:
    – Industry opt-outs


The Signal Company does not provide the pricing listing of its products; if you need to try and access Signal tool, you will have to talk to Signal’s Sales team here.

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