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Data Analysis and Reporting is considered to be one of the most intelligent Programmatic Performance tools, which enable all multilocation brands, agencies, local media groups, networks, and trading desks to own their Geo with the most accurate mobile Geo-fencing technology, optimize audiences in real-time at the keyword level, maximize performance for campaigns at any scale, and execute omnichannel campaigns for increased performance across multiple tactics. is also considered to be the leader in localized programmatic advertising. They work with the largest buyers of localized advertising, including multilocation brands, agencies, local media groups, networks, and trading desks. These companies utilize to localize ad targeting and content, to deliver performance on high volumes of localized campaigns, and to provide deep insights on their dynamic audiences. Features Features


  • know:
    -Exactly who you are targeting (no opaque, pre-packaged audience segments)
    -Precisely what it costs–the data costs, the media costs, and your costs
    -That the results you see are real and brand appropriate
    -Why your campaign worked or why it didn’t
  • Create custom audiences with pinpoint accuracy
  • Optimize audiences in real-time for maximum campaign effectiveness
  • Expand audiences instantly with precision at scale
  • Understand audience behavior with elemental insights
  • Audiences are custom built using individual data elements, ensuring that you are targeting the precise audience that is providing the maximum performance for your campaign.
  • Audiences are optimized on the fly so that campaigns learn and improve over time.
  • Expensive pre-packaged audience segments or contextual categories are eliminated, lowering your costs.
  • CRM data can be targeted with high precision, enabling higher effectiveness and better customer experience.
  •’s unparalleled data network provides 100% intent-based data at a massive scale.
  • Automated multivariate optimization calculates the value of each ad impression and programmatically adjusts bids accordingly. 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Services & Features:

  • The Data Difference
  • Programmatic Platform:
    -Audience Buying Evolution
    -Breaking The Black Box
    -The New Rules Of Recency
  • Data-driven Solutions:
    -Addressable Geo-fencing
    -Search Retargeting
    -Site Retargeting
    -Contextual Targeting
    -Programmatic Video
    -For Publishers
    -Native Programmatic


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