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The Trade Desk DMP

The key to smart decisions is in the data.

Data Management

The Trade Desk Data Management Platform (DMP) is considered to be one of the Trade Desk’s products and services. Trade Desk is a great software company that provides the most sophisticated buyers, marketers, retailers, and businesses in advertising technology with a great and effective suite of tools, which enable them to grow their business.

Trade Desk Data Management Platform (DMP) is considered to be one of the most reliable tools amongst the largest advertisers in the world, as it helps them to make smart decisions through The Trade Desk’s fully integrated DMP.


  1. Reach relevant audiences
  2. Make informed
  3. Real-time decisions
  4. Maximize the power of cross-device insights
  5. Make sure your DMP advertising campaigns are fully charged
  6. Data Management Is An Added Value: It is an integral part of our platform, not a separate product.
  7. DMP & DSP Tools Are Tied Together: All DMP audiences and insights are immediately actionable in your media buying and optimization.
  8. No Paperwork And No Additional Cost: The Trade Desk’s master services agreement covers all SMP functionality.

Features & Services:

  • Audience segmentation: Basic, intermediate, and advanced
  • Lookalike modeling
  • Data element report
  • Third-party audience data partnerships
  • Audience data with improved pricing via The Data Alliance
  • The Data Marketplace
  • Offline to online audience mapping


The Trade Desk DMP has not provided pricing information for this product or service.


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