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XtremePush is a global multi-channel experience and engagement marketing platform. It provides solutions that can enable hundreds of leading enterprise brands to drive engagement and maximize revenue.

Xtremepush is now considered to be one of a very small number of mobile marketing automation platforms with full Bank Grade security in the market.


  • Providing reliability, speed, security, world-class technical support and custom solutions for all clients.
  • Giving marketers and brands the ability to analyze, segment, and target their users, enabling the delivery of data-driven contextually relevant messages at the optimum time and location.
  • Providing a granular understanding of your mobile app users and their unique behavior from the moment of download.
  • Bridging the gap between your customer’s digital and physical real-world brand interactions.
  • Maximizing the outreach of your Mobile and Desktop website with instant personalized messaging across multi-channels.
  • Connecting and re-engaging your web customers directly on their browser, even when they are browsing on another website.
  • Enabling your entire audience to discover your most important recent content with your own customizable onsite notification center.
  • Delivering automated customer support, e-commerce guidance, content and interactive experiences at scale and speed through social messaging platforms.
  • The Xtremepush platform easily integrates with third-party data including CRM’s, Google Analytics, Loyalty Schemes, and many other integration types.
  • Combining third-party data with its engagement channels to deliver a complete omnichannel experience.

Services & Features:

  • Intelligent Campaigns Delivery.
  • Segmentation With In-App Analytics.
  • CRM Integration and other 3rd Party Systems.
  • White Label Solutions and Agency Agreements.
  • Mobile Engagement and Location.
  • Web Engagement and Social Engagement.
  • GDPR Compliance.


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