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12 Social Media Trends in 2019 That Will Impact All Businesses

Social Media Marketing | Jan 03, 2019

If you want your social media strategy to be successful, you need to keep up to date with the latest trends.

In a previous article, we took an overview on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter reports which analyzing users behavior and which topics and events that matter them the most during 2018.  In this article, we will review a list of 12 social media trends in 2019 by Talkwalker, which is offering a macro overview on the biggest trends and power shifts shaking up today’s tech and consumer landscape.

The infografic is breaking things down into the 3 categories:

  • The Next Age of Data – trends surrounding changes in data

  1. Big data big issues – Brands will concentrate on using the right data & data transparency.
  2. $ky high ROI – Focusing more on ROI will drive up social & PR budgets.
  3. Putting the PR into marketing – Marketing and PR will integrate more.
  4. Growing upwards – Enterprise businesses will focus on data maturity.

If we want businesses to survive and thrive with AI, we must begin with proper data preparation and aggressive, proactive searches for bias in our data. Anything less sets us up for massive, high-visibility, high-risk failure,”  Christopher S. Penn Co-founder of  Trust Insights said.


  • The Technology Revelation – trends involving technological changes

  1. AI for everyone – Comms will embrace artificial intelligence.
  2. Now see hear – Multimedia search will shake-up marketing.
  3. Virtually different – Expect AR/VR to make an impact.
  4. Don’t cross the streams – Streaming will change the marketing landscape in 2019.

“AI IS making an impact on marketing and public relations and how those pros do what they do. While still in its infancy, there are areas like influencer marketing in which AI is already playing a role. There’s much more to come,” Michelle Garrett, Garrett Public Relations said.

  • The Self-Adoration Society – societal changes that will impact marketing

  1. Big little ideas – Micro influencers and entrepreneurs will take over in 2019.
  2. Generation Instagram – Gen Z will change how we market.
  3. Want to ride my buying cycle – Social will take on all aspects of the buying cycle.
  4. Doing it on purpose! – Brand purpose and social activism will be key in 2019.

But the reality is that the definition of “influencer marketing” has gone from a logical, reasonable one in 2012. i.e. “find all the publications and people that influence my target audience and reach them through multiple kinds of marketing” to a hype-filled, overly-specific, inconsistent-ROI one in 2018, i.e.,” Rand Fishkin, Founder of Sparktoro, said.



Check out the infographic for more detail below:

12 Social Media Trends That Will Impact All Businesses in 2019

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