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5 Business Processes to Streamline in 2019

Digital Marketing Strategy | Feb 05, 2019

Every minute is valuable when running a business. With limited hours in the day and a growing to-do list to tackle, it’s crucial to find ways to boost your team’s productivity while completing tasks to the highest standard.

By introducing a few new technologies and tools into your operations, you could potentially improve your internal efficiency, staff morale, and revenue. To ensure your company enjoys its best year yet, here are five business processes to streamline in 2019.

1. Payroll

Great pressure is often placed on a human resources department, as they will be responsible for managing multiple payroll requirements, such as employee salaries, overtime, flexitime, and compliance. To reduce your team’s stress levels and improve accuracy and efficiency, consider investing in an HR payroll software solution that can lead to a shorter payroll cycle. Find out more at

2. Project Management

Managing multiple projects is no easy task. To effectively manage and review every task and action within the business, you’d be smart to invest in project management software. The handy tool will allow you to assign deadlines, set reminders, track progress, share files and add comments, which can ensure every project is completed on schedule and to a high standard.

It can also improve collaboration across the business, as it can increase communication, which can avoid missed deadlines, poor quality projects and a negative environment.

3. Email Marketing

To start producing high-quality, compelling email newsletters to your target audience, you need to use a reputable marketing automation tool. When it comes to sending mass emails, your average email service provider can only do so much. To connect with your customers in one quick swoop and boost your annual sales, develop professional-looking emails, which you can both track and automate using the likes of MailChimp or Adobe Campaign.

4. Social Media

While it’s not possible to automate real-time replies with your followers each day, it is possible to take some of the hassles out of publishing posts across social media. As the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are more than likely an integral aspect of your online marketing campaign, you could save yourself a significant amount of time by investing in social media software, such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social or Buffer.

Not only will you be able to publish posts outside of working hours, which can eliminate manual scheduling, but the solutions will also offer a reporting feature, which can help you to measure your social media success accurately and then tweak your tactics.

5. Customer Support

Differentiate your business from your industry rivals by streamlining customer support. You can take your pick from numerous customer support software solutions that can help you to streamline, automate and systemize various processes.

For example, you can integrate all customer conversations into one place, which will make it easier for your staff to both read and respond to various questions and problems. It can ultimately enhance internal productivity, improve customer relationships and strengthen your reputation.

Marilyn B. Clack


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