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Gain Higher Page Rank using Efficient Link Building with a Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing | Nov 23, 2023

Having the best links directing traffic to your content is hands down among the two top criteria Google considers in its search algorithm. Put another way, you receive a marketing boost your content needs to get more eyeballs on it after you integrate outreach link building.

The idea is to naturally provide more quality information for searchers than a long list or quantity of website results. Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo all rely on ad revenue. They cannot target those ads to the right visitors if they don’t deliver good results highly relevant to what was searched for.

If you cater to this idea by crafting a solid link-building strategy that injects your content marketing strategy with peers, networks, and other experts in your field, you will experience an increase in rank and visitation numbers.

What is Link Building?

The idea of link building is pretty simple. The intent is built on software known as the “World Wide Web.” This software delivers good results to search engines to see what website is being referenced the most.

Link building is reaching other blogs, videos, social media influencers, and websites that will put a link pointing to your products, services, or landing pages on their own platforms. Using a manual backlink service to do this for you ensures you get the quality you need to rise up the ranks on Google and other search engines.

This is more than just SEO. A manual link-building service helps you get more authority. Websites “vote” about what your information is through a link to your website. The more votes you have, the more authority you cultivate in your niche.

Digital publishing is the primary way you receive these votes. If you want to rank up to the top of a Google search, you need to have more votes. The number one results always have around 3.8 times as many backlinks as the rest of the first page results.

Automatic and Manual Link Building

You can go about link building through a blogger outreach service that you outsource to a range of companies. In many cases, this will be automated by buying a large number of backlinks, often referred to as “black hat” marketing. Instead of getting the quality links you want to build authority and increase your page rank, you end up with low-quality backlinks that may damage your reputation.

Manual links are the way to go because they are way more personalized to your brand. It will take way more time than automating the process, but the links you acquire are more relatable and easier to leverage for your Google rank. Plus, you get to cultivate long-term relationships with the people, brands, and websites that link to your content.

Not sure what a “bad” backlink looks like? Try to avoid:

  • Spammy sites you don’t want to be associated with that use terms like sex, XXX, coupons, or casinos.
  • Link-Mill websites where you can purchase thousands of cheap backlinks that essentially use PBNs (Private Blog Networks).
  • PR Releases links from poor sources that are not actually news or well-known publishers with a strong reputation.
  • Sites unrelated to your industry can harm your rank. If you sell cat food, you want pet blogs, cat social media influencers, and cat clothing blogs to link to your content marketing campaigns.
  • Discussion forums and blog comment links are not great if that is all you have for backlinks. These are not as good as “primary” pages on a peer blog (like the About Page or inside a post).

Know How to Rank Higher With Manual Link Building | DMC

Time to Manually Create Backlinks for Your Content Marketing

The best way to grow organically online is through manual backlinking strategies that showcase the benefits of your content. Some ways to do this include:

  • Build Relationships: Using a blogger outreach service is a fantastic way to target influencers and content creators in your specific niche. You can share links that mutually benefit both your websites and develop a long-term relationship that is easily viewable from Google.
  • Write Testimonials: Offer your audience some straightforward and engaging production testimonials aligned with your niche market. Those brands you feature will appreciate the UGC (user-generated content) and may be willing to link back to your brand for the effort.
  • Guest Posting: The most recognized way to use link building for content marketing involves guest posting. Here, you reach out to fellow peers and content creators in your niche and offer to write a blog post for them that has a link back to your content. This is a crucial part of outreach link-building.
  • Influencers: Social media influencers have pre-built audiences that are aligned with your brand identity. Having them showcase your products, services, and content that then links back to your website is a massive boost to your page rank on Google.
  • Content Marketing Agency: If you don’t have the time or skills for this outreach, you may want to consider hiring a reputable agency offering manual link-building services. This saves you time, connects you with people who already have the industry contacts you need, and doesn’t risk you getting dinged by Google’s search algorithm protections.

Know How to Rank Higher With Manual Link Building | DMC

Final Thoughts

Link building is an art form and a science. You’ve already spent a lot of time cultivating highly engaging, SEO-driven, and converting content that you know your audience loves. Now, you need to develop a content marketing strategy that involves finding quality backlinks.

Be open to a lot of trial and error to nail down the exact process that will work best for your brand, but we highly recommend you consider a manual backlinks service designed to drive greater conversions, readership, and growth in the search engine page results you want. 

Good luck, and hopefully, these tips for backlinking will help you find the best solution for your content marketing strategy!

Amy Harrison


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