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Marketing Strategies Utilized by Top Real Estate Agents

Digital Marketing | Sep 12, 2022

Real estate agents, especially those who are just starting, have a couple of hills to climb if they want to be successful in the real estate world. The good thing is that you don’t have to start from scratch; you can use other real estate agents’ experience to your advantage, mainly their marketing strategies for real estate.

The following are some effective strategies used by top agents around the nation.

The Top Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

Word of Mouth

One marketing strategy to work into your plan is the word-of-mouth marketing scheme. You’re going to encourage your customers to share your contact information with folks they know. This could be family members or just friends. 

The reality is that people tend to trust the word of someone they know more than other sources. Finding ways to make your customers become your marketers is vital. Providing superior service to clients is one way to encourage this, but you should go above and beyond. 

Be sure that your customers know that you care about them. Bring them treats, bake them a cake, or get them tickets to a local concert. Do whatever you can think of. 

Do this even after you’ve concluded your business with them, and they’ll become loyal to your brand. Be sure to personalize each gift. If you know the client is gluten-free or vegan, then those treats must match that. People feel special when they receive personalized gifts.

The Best Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents | DMC

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the next thing that must be covered. You cannot succeed in this industry, or any other, without understanding and utilizing social media marketing. People have migrated online by the millions. 

Of course, you can still find people the old-fashioned way, but many home searches start online. Some sales close online, so connecting with people online is vital. This is where social media platforms come in handy. 

There’s an endless amount of platforms that you can use to find and connect with folks interested in buying or selling. It’s all about finding the platform or platforms that fit your needs best. 

Top real estate agents usually use the most popular platforms to find potential customers. These include platforms like Facebook, Instagram, AdWords, YouTube, and TikTok, just to name a few.

Be sure to engage constantly online. Social media users expect constant communication. Online users also expect the same level of personalization, especially your customers. Find out about clients’ birthdays and send digital gifts, or maybe have gifts delivered to people’s homes. You won’t only be doing great digital marketing, but you’ll also boost word of mouth.

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Community Involvement

The next marketing strategy requires that you get involved with your community. The reality is that most of the homes you sell are going to be near your home. This means you have to become part of the community. 

Current and prospective residents want to see that you care about everyone and the community growing. This means you have to find ways to target your community in big and small ways. Some of the top real estate agents have engaged in this and have been quite effective.

You can do some charitable work in your community. You can sponsor local events, like carnivals or something like that. You can sponsor local sports teams, maybe high school teams, which will show families that you care. You can help restore important local monuments or establishments. 

Maybe there’s a local grocery store that could use a little sprucing up. You could help make that happen. If there are no local events, then consider working with other local businesses to throw one. You want your community to know who you are and to remember you positively.

Partner Up Locally

It’s vital to find ways to connect with local businesses. While some of the businesses near you might be your competitors, others complement your business. A good way to market yourself is to partner with businesses that might benefit from what you do. 

For example, if you make it a point to send business to your local interior designer, that business owner will do the same for you. The same thing is true about other businesses, like gardeners, landscapers, plumbers, furniture companies, and general contractors.

Additionally, you ought to make a point of joining regional business associations or chambers of commerce. Taking these sorts of steps will help solidify your standing in the community, too, which is important. 

Genuine connections are essential to forging. Make sure other companies see you as a resource for them. If a business feels like you aren’t helping and are just trying to take advantage of them, then they won’t help your real estate business much. 

Regular Old Flyers

While it may seem outdated, especially in the age of digital marketing, old-fashioned marketing still makes a difference. Send those postcards to people in your neighborhood. Send them during the holidays or during a time that’s special to your community. 

Send them when something important happens, reminding your community that you engage with them. Send postcards or mailers welcoming new homeowners to your community, even if you didn’t help them get the house. The more engaged you are with your community, the better. 

Your old-fashioned marketing strategy doesn’t only have to include mailers; it could also include things like flyers that you can put on people’s cars. You could also put up bench advertisements or ads in public transportation or banners across town. 

You may want to consider placing billboards throughout your community. These are just some of the traditional marketing strategies you can use, but they are quite effective even now. You might even want to consider throwing launching parties or mixers from time to time to engage with your community.


Now, you know some of the most effective marketing strategies used by the top real estate agents in the nation. Learn from them and use these strategies to your advantage. You can increase your chances of success.


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