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Top 5 Box and Packaging Demanding Products in 2022

Branding | Jul 19, 2022

Are you planning to start a web-to-print packaging business? Perhaps you already own a print store but wondering what kind of packaging products are the most demanding in 2022. 

In this article, we’ll list the top five box and packaging demanding products in 2022. So, keep reading to know more.

Do you know that 72% of consumers have stated that packaging design influences their buying decisions? Studies also indicate that you only have 7 seconds to develop your brand impression on your customers. Hence, packaging design can make or break your business. a product. 

Customized packaging can showcase your product as incredibly valuable, whereas a boring design won’t impress your customers. They will look but only to move on and forget about the product. 

Top Box and Packaging Demanding Products

As an owner of a web-to-print store, you must create a meaningful box and packaging design that tells your brand story. A top-quality design will instantly connect your brand to potential customers. This can provide you with an excellent opportunity to increase sales. 

Here are our top picks of the box and packaging design of 2022 to incorporate in your print store:

Straight Tuck Box

In 2022, digital print has become the norm because of its cost-efficiency. It also has less impact on the environment and reduces waste and inventory requirements. 

Custom-made straight tuck boxes come with closing panels at the top and bottom that open and close in the opposite direction like a zipper. They are usually made of high-quality materials such as cardboard, plastic, and metal. 

A straight tuck lasts a long time and offers ideal packaging for all kinds of businesses. By incorporating various template styles for straight tuck boxes in your print store, you can provide a personalized solution to your customers. 

These boxes can be used as product display units in company presentations or to visually appeal to customers. You can choose to change the size & color and print logos, names, or messages on these boxes per your customers’ requirements. 

Top 5 Demanding Box and Packaging Products in 2022 | DMC

Image Source: YourBoxSolution

Foundation Box

Foundation boxes come in various coated, uncoated, glossy, matte, gold, and silver finishes. They are designed to preserve cosmetic foundations from weather and human tampering.

These boxes can be manufactured in various elegant shapes, sizes, and gradient colors. Combined with the product information, shades, expiry date, volume, and ingredients, foundation boxes give more value to the product. 

You can customize the information by printing it into cursive small-font to catch your customers’ attention. Also, a spot UV will give a more gleaming effect to the boxes. 

Top 5 Demanding Box and Packaging Products in 2022 | DMC

Image Source: IndiaMart

Cardboard Sleeve

Cardboard sleeve boxes are a unique way to present the products. They provide high-end luxury packaging with custom foil and varnish options. These boxes are highly sustainable, provide transit security, and allow plenty of space for product detailing. They also increase the shelf-life of a product. 

Custom packing options such as embossing and debossing translate to a premium finish. Special UV 6 Colour Lithographic printing and coating provides durable packaging with less energy consumption. Additionally, deep-freeze or greaseproof packaging for food items makes the products more presentable. 

Due to their versatility, cardboard sleeve boxes can be customized to change their overall appearance into a glamorous one. They are ideal for flaunting ordinary or luxury products, be they candles, soaps, cosmetics, or vintage t-shirts. From their sophisticated opening and closing to the slit on the upper lid entices customers to peel inside the boxes. 

Top 5 Demanding Box and Packaging Products in 2022 | DMC

Image Source: YBY Boxes

Reverse Tuck Folding Carton

Reverse tuck folding cartons are similar to straight tuck boxes. But there is a significant difference in closing panels. One panel attaches to the back of the box while the other one to the front. The panels fold in the opposite direction, with the slit preventing them from opening up. 

Reverse tuck folding cartons are ideal for both light and medium-weight products such as cosmetics, soaps, perfume, confectionery, etc. They use significantly less paperboard hence the low cost of manufacturing. Also, you can add any kind of embellishments, finishes, styles, or inserts to the boxes. 

Top 5 Demanding Box and Packaging Products in 2022 | DMC

Image Source: Your Box Solution

Cosmetic Box

Cosmetic boxes come in a variety of styles and colors. A presentable decorative box is always designed as per the product’s dimensions. So, it can enhance the overall cosmetics appearance and leave a catchy impression on your customers. 

An accurately designed cosmetic box eliminates the need for excess packaging materials. You can offer personalization options to your customers so they can create packaging with pre-designed templates or upload their own designs. 

Adding informational blurbs on the boxes such as taglines, branding information, ingredients, and logos will keep the customers informed. Cosmetic boxes ensure safety and prevent fragile cosmetics from moving around. 

Whether your customers want a two-piece reverse tuck, seal end, or pillow packaging, cosmetic boxes come in all shapes and sizes. 

Top 5 Demanding Box and Packaging Products in 2022 | DMC

Image Source: IndiaMart

Packaging Products Final Words

To boost the sales of your web-to-print business, you should focus on designing your product packaging. Custom designs enhance the appearance of box packaging plus brand images. 

An excellent packaging design increases the value of products and inspires the customers to purchase them. Also, they can easily connect the product with the brand name, making them loyal and returning clients. 

Personalized packaging is a unique way to promote products in the market. It allows your customers to edit pre-designed templates or design the boxes per their requirements. They can change the size, shapes, images, and finishing on the boxes to make them look glamorous, sophisticated, or artistic per the product requirements. 

You can try the complete E-commerce and web-to-print solution for your print business from Design’N’Buy. The web-to-pack solution offers a mobile responsive design studio so your customers can personalize packaging from any device. 

Generate packaging design templates in all sizes, view your customization in 3-D, and print instantly. With the help of an intuitive admin dashboard, manage your orders and inventory without any hassle. 

You can even customize the look and feel of your whole print store to stand out among your competitors.


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