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Steps to Take to Become a Better Manager

Branding | Jul 10, 2019

Being a good manager doesn’t always come naturally to some people, but if you’re in a higher position and your main goal is to lead a team of employees, it’s an aspect you really need to think about if you wish to see results. The management qualities of one individual can have such a huge impact on employees that it’s fundamental you are equipped with the right skills to push the business forward.

Practical Steps to Take to Become a Better Manager

Unfortunately, being the best manager you can be doesn’t happen overnight, and the specific requirements for each business and industry will be different dependant; however, there are a number of essential tips that all managers need to consider:

Get to Know Your Employees

There’s nothing worse than a manager not taking the time to get to know the staff who are working with them. If you don’t show any interest in your employees, it’s unlikely they’ll push themselves as far as they can to impress you, unless they know who they’re working for. There may also be occasions when they are struggling in their personal life or have a mental health condition and need to feel comfortable to open up to you.

If you wish to have a passionate and dedicated workforce that delivers good results for you, take it upon yourself to get to know your employees personally and understand their career goals and any problems they may have.

Offer Coaching and Training

Career-driven employees are often keen to pursue new opportunities if it allows them to develop their skills and knowledge base. As a manager, you can show employees you care for their professional development by enrolling them in training courses. This will also provide many benefits for you too.

For example, coaching can help salespeople find out where their strengths and weaknesses lie, how to be more productive, and how to build customer relationships. If you wish to learn more about employee coaching, take a look at

Communicate Clearly

Be clear and consistent when trying to communicate what you expect from your employees. It’s not just about expressing the importance of the end goal, but what they need to do to get there. This is even more important for new employees who have joined the company and are still trying to get to grips on what is expected of them. Too many managers spend the majority of time obsessing over the results rather than the process.

Give Regular Feedback

Many employees get a yearly appraisal depicting what they’re doing correctly and what needs further improvement, but doing this once annually, just isn’t enough. If you notice certain people are putting their all into the business and are constantly producing great results, then immediate praise should be given. However, if certain employees are breaking behaviour codes or aren’t achieving, then they also need to be informed about it. This will help rule out any major problems before they arise and work out whether the employee is still the right fit for the role. It should only take a few minutes of your time – so don’t ignore giving such important feedback.

John Hayden


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