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28% Lift in Libertex’s Conversions by Using Facebook and Instagram Video Ads

Libertex, A Facebook Ad Case Study

Highlighting the value of using social media platforms’ advertising products and services is still controversial, despite there are a huge number of  big brands, businesses, marketers, advertisers, and retailers are depending on social media ad campaigns to reaching new people, increase their potential customers, and drive a great lift in its conversions and sales. The international trading platform, Libertex  is one of those brands who wanted to explore the value of advertising on Facebook and Instagram _which owned by the Facebook company_. Hence, the company faced a great challenge to increase its visitors, clients, and customers on the Facebook and Instagram platforms, that’s why Libertex planed to reach its strategic, specific goals by creating a video ad campaign with broad targeting on Apple’s iOS in 3 German-speaking countries.

It should be noted that Libertex is considered to be one of the biggest financial companies around the world, which was operating since 1997. Libertex is an international, trustworthy brand with more than 20 years of financial reliable, cutting edge technology platforms to choose from.

With 2.2M clients worldwide, 210 tradable assets, 27 countries covered, 20 years in the market, 30 international awards, 700employees, the international trading platform, Libertex managed to be one of the leaders in their industry, which leads the customers into an engaging and compelling trading experience, in addition to building a long-term legacy of superior service to traders. Libertex is serving clients from more than 110 countries.

Key Results:

  1. 3.3X purchases
  2. 2.3X complete registrations
  3. 2.3X app installs
  4. 28% conversions from new female audiences

Used Products:

As a desire to find new people and encourage new customers to join their products and services, so their team put an accurate plan and strategy by depending on a great set of effective products, such as:

  1. Video ads
  2. Instagram
  3. Core Audiences
  4. Measurement


As we explained, Libertex has a specific goal to reach new customers in the Facebook and Instagram platforms that would play a vital role in lifting the company's conversions and sales. Hence, the international trading platform, Libertex needed to discover the value of advertising on Facebook and Instagram so that it could optimize future ad budgets. This meant measuring the lift brought by ad spend in relation to their conversion rate—the number of complete registrations per each new visitor to the page.


  1. With an overarching aim of bringing in new potential customers, Libertex targeted ads to a broad audience of men and women aged 25–65 and over within Germany, Austria, Switzerland who were using Apple iOS devices.
  2. Their main objective was to get this audience to register for an account on the Libertex website.
  3. Using broad targeting and a combination of video ads on Facebook and Instagram, Libertex aimed to measure “incrementality”—ad spend in relation to the proportion of new complete signups —on each platform so it could understand the best way to manage ad targeting in future.
  4. The company didn’t use any cross-media integration. Though these insights were the primary goal, it also hoped that large-scale targeting would result in increased app installs and purchases.


Between October 3–31 2018, through specific ad campaigns, Libertex managed to drive a great suite of results, which played a vital role in hitting the company's objective of push a great lift in complete registrations in relation to ad spend, with additional impressive lifts in purchases and app installs. These results include:

  • 3.3X increase in purchases
  • 2.3X lift in complete registrations
  • 2.3X lift in app installs
  • 28% lift in conversions from new female audiences

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