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Driving Sales with Facebook Collection Ad Format | KFC Case Study

Today’s case study will explore Facebook collection ads format, a mobile-only format, designed to maximize the mobile user experience. These ads are on both Facebook and Instagram. People who tap on collection ad are seamlessly taken to a fast-loading, full-screen experience to browse or learn more about what the ad offers.

Rather than attempting to make a sale through a standalone series of images. You’re able to show how your brand might fit in with somebody’s lifestyle (or the lifestyle that they want). As evident in this case study, Facebook collection ad format has the power to bring a brand to life, in a way that other Facebook ad formats cannot.

KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain. Founded in the 1930s by American Colonel Sanders. KFC popularized chicken in quick-service eateries. Its famous “bucket”—large portions of fried chicken served in a paper box—is among the best-known items in the industry. It now has 25,000 outlets in more than 125 countries.

In this case study, we’ll get to know how the giant restaurant business used the Facebook collection ad format in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which lifted ad recall by more than 21 points.

In this case study we’ll get to know how KFC used the Facebook collection ad format, lifting ad recall by more than 21 points.


Food delivery sales in the Middle East are now exceeding traditional in-store sales. KFC wanted to grow this part of its business stream and encourage people to order meals online rather than over the phone (a more popular channel, but with higher operating costs). So when KFC launched a new website, it wanted to generate awareness for the platform, acquire new customers and boost online sales.


KFC Middle East joined hands with creative and media partner Memac Ogilvy and Social.Lab, KFC developed a campaign using the Facebook collection ad format:

  • The format lets marketers pair video or imagery with relevant products, which allowed KFC to create an ad that mimicked the window of a drive-thru restaurant.
  • The product thumbnails replicated a restaurant menu.
  • The creative included a “scroll-thru” employee who helped customers choose what to order and entertained them if they couldn’t decide.
  • This brought the face-to-face service of an actual drive-thru to social media, providing a human and entertaining touch.

In this case study we’ll get to know how KFC used the Facebook collection ad format, lifting ad recall by more than 21 points.

  • They used 2 stages of targeting. The first stage of the campaign was targeted to young adults and young families.
  • This targeting was broad enough to reach a wide audience, but narrow enough to be highly relevant.
  • The second stage showed further ads to people who had previously viewed or clicked on KFC’s ads.
  • The campaign also used automatic placements on Facebook and Instagram to generate optimum results at the lowest average cost.


This campaign’s creative use of the collection ad format significantly lifted ad recall in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia for KFC. Between February 21–April 21, 2019, the campaign achieved:

  • 22-point lift in ad recall in UAE
  • 22-point lift in campaign awareness in UAE
  • 7-point lift in message association in UAE
  • 21-point lift in ad recall in Saudi Arabia

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