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Grow Your Community with Twitter Ads | LeoSat Case Study

LeoSat Enterprises (@_LeoSat) is a B2B technology company with big goals. For instance, LeoSat aims to transform the way that businesses transfer data around the globe. Their proposed network of low earth orbit satellites enables secure data connection from anywhere to everywhere. Hence, providing connectivity and security to users. LeoSat took to Twitter searching for opportunities to grow, they looked to utilize Twitter Ads to their advantage. To create their campaign, They partnered with Pulse (@PulseTechAgency), a B2B Marketing Agency.

Twitter ads are quite useful as people on Twitter are influential, receptive, and eager to discover new brands, ideas, and products. Hence, Twitted Ads present businesses with opportunities to reach more of their targeted audiences.

Grow Your Community with Twitter Ads | LeoSat Case Study


LeoSat wanted to grow their commercial and investor community. They used a follower campaign to help achieve this. The target audience for their campaigns were commercial buyers and investors in specific industry sectors. The team focused on targeting specific keywords and interests, in addition to follower targeting of key accounts relating to LeoSat.


  • LeoSat found that a clear CTA helped their Twitter campaigns to perform well. Simple, direct phrases like “Follow us for more” helped them to gain new followers. By combining high-impact creative content with CTAs that encouraged and inspired, LeoSat saw real results.
  • Even though LeoSat had a specific audience in mind, they found the Audience Insights tool to be particularly useful. The dashboard provided real-time information about their new followers and the people who were engaging with their Tweets. This enabled LeoSat to see which keywords and targeted accounts were most effective, and to plan their next steps.
  • LeoSat carried out weekly reviews to see how each campaign was progressing. This strategy enabled them to identify and turn off under-performing ads. They could adjust their bids and daily budget. A/B testing of various ad components from copy to CTA helped them to put their resources behind the most effective options.


The campaign was a great success for LeoSat, helping them grow their commercial and investor community, with 20% lower cost-per-follower than industry average.

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