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How Heinz Used Twitter in Lifting Awareness for Its New Mayonnaise?!


The H. J. Heinz Company, better known simply as Heinz, is an American food processing company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is also considered to be one of the most recognized names in ketchup. The company had a critical marketing challenge when they decided to introduce a new mayonnaise product in US markets. This challenge was that “how could it convince US consumers who love its famous ketchup to also adopt its mayonnaise?”

Key Results:

  • 2.4Bimpressions

  • 28% lift in awareness 

  • 1B impressions in 48 hours


The Heinz brand decided to expand its products across the US and bring a new mayonnaise, so the company had to create an effective awareness for its mayonnaise, in addition to convincing US consumers love this new product like loving its famous ketchup.


The brand took a set of accurate steps and put some intelligent solutions, which are:

  1. The company had harnessed it trending product “HEINZ MAYOCHUP” (a blend of mayonnaise and ketchup) as a gateway.
  2. HEINZ chose Twitter as their partner to launch the MAYOCHUP product conversation, collaborating with Starcom for media strategy and buying, VML for creative, and Olson for PR.
  3. Then, it ignited a fierce debate about whether the MAYOCHUP (product/condiment/sauce) should be sold in other countries.
  4. The brand created a Twitter poll that asked if it should release HEINZ MAYOCHUP (product/condiment/sauce) in the US, asking for 500,000 yes votes to bring the product to market.
  5. The Tweet was accompanied by a simple visual that showcased that HEINZ Ketchup + New HEINZ Mayonnaise = HEINZ MAYOCHUP.
  6. A Twitter Poll was the perfect medium for this activation since it offers real-time voting and results.



The company managed to achieve unexpected results, which were surprising:

  • 4B impressions
  • 28% lift in awareness for HEINZ Mayonnaise
  • 1B impressions in 48 hours

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