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Washmen’s Success Story of Increasing App Installs

Washmen is considered to be one of UAE located companies that introduce Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services in Dubai. Washmen offers the ultimate convenience in laundry and dry clean by providing you quick pickups and drop-offs as well as next day delivery. Washmen’s services include Dry Clean Laundry, Laundry App, Laundry Service, Laundry On-Demand, Laundry Pickup & Delivery, Wash & Fold, and Ironing Services. It also should be mentioned that Washmen is one of the region’s fastest growing tech companies, with more than 40% growth month-over-month.

The company wanted to announce about one of its products and services, which is “Laundry App”, in addition to facing a great challenge to push the app installs across the UAE. It also relied on Video ads, Instagram, Ads in stories, Audience Network, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Measurement in its great awareness challenge.

Washmen, A Facebook Ad Case Study

Key Results:

  1. 3X increase in weekly signups in 7 months

  2. 70% of mobile app registrations came from Facebook ads

  3. 2X increase in sales

  4. 14.5X decrease in cost per result (mobile app registration)


The leading laundry app-based business in the UAE aimed to enhance and let its business grow by boost purchases within the app. The company was facing busy schedules, so they wanted to encourage many people as possible to experiment with its new app Laundry.


  1. First off, Washmen decided to use the Facebook ads campaigns to reach its goals.
  2. Launch an app install campaign to increase the number of people who signed up to use the app and purchased through it—and a video ad campaign focused on getting the maximum number of views to drive brand awareness.
  3. Create a series of 6- to 7-second video ads, which were shot on low-end cameras to achieve a natural look and feel. The ads used thumbnails showing UAE roads to make them resonate with people living in the region, and featured the tagline “All Your Weekly Laundry For The Price of a Drink”—along with an emoji to make the ads feel more personal in News Feed.
  4. Use automatic placements to run the ads across Facebook, Instagram and the wider Audience Network, prioritising Facebook News Feed and in-stream video, as well as ads in Instagram Stories.
  5. The company used A/B testing and monitored the ads through Audience Insights to learn which ads produced the highest return on ad spend and find out where the campaign could be improved.
  6. Finally, it pulled the ads or heavily promoted them, based on their performance.

Washmen, A Facebook Ad Case Study


For 7 months from November 2017–May 2018, Washmen managed to achieve a great suite of good results and many of its social media campaigns' objectives by depending on the support of Facebook. These good results were:

  1. Increased app installs
  2. Found new, high-value customers
  3. Push online sales
  4. 3X increase in weekly signups
  5. 70% of mobile app registrations came from Facebook ads
  6. 2X increase in sales
  7. 14.5X decrease in cost per result (mobile app registration)
  8. 3.5X increase in the number of monthly signups using the app for the first time

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