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Ministry of Transport & Communications (MOTC)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications that was established as per Emiri Order No. 1 of 2016 amending the formation of the Council of Ministers undertakes the role of building a land, maritime and aviation transportation system founded on the latest systems and best practices in the sector. Central to this is the development of a smart transportation network which will not only improve safety but also facilitate the smoother transport of passengers and goods in the country. The Ministry also performs a critical and far-reaching role in overseeing the development of the information and communications technology sector to make it more vibrant and advanced, and in creating a diversified economy that will benefit all the people of Qatar, as well as developing e-government programs and boosting capacity and digital literacy to foster a technology-friendly environment that introduces innovative approaches to how we communicate, live and work.

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Ministry of Transport & Communications (MOTC)

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