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Depending on Business reveals, Qatar’s ICT Landscape 2016 increased trend in the use of ICT among businesses over the last seven years, including measures such as computer & Internet penetration, web presence, and improved the use of e-services and e-commerce, among others.

These findings are part of a broad-based research study which examines the current levels of ICT usage and access among businesses in Qatar, and also measures the development of the ICT sector.

The research study based on a large-scale survey of 1,093 business establishments spread across industry sectors, was conducted between March 2015 and May 2015.

The ICT industry is helping to fuel the growth and diversification of Qatar’s economy, following the worldwide trend.

Qatar's ICT Landscape, 2016 Report Cover.

Qatar’s ICT Landscape, 2016 Report Cover.

Ministry of Transport & Communications (MOTC)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications that was established as per Emiri Order No. 1 of 2016 amending the formation of the Council of Ministers undertakes the role of building a land, maritime and aviation transportation system founded on the latest systems and best practices in the sector. Central to this is the development of a smart transportation network which will not only improve safety but also facilitate the smoother transport of passengers and goods in the country. The Ministry also performs a critical and far-reaching role in overseeing the development of the information and communications technology sector to make it more vibrant and advanced, and in creating a diversified economy that will benefit all the people of Qatar, as well as developing e-government programs and boosting capacity and digital literacy to foster a technology-friendly environment that introduces innovative approaches to how we communicate, live and work.

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