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If you’re reading this you’re probably looking for ways to earn extra cash, am I right? Or you’ve probably seen the click-bait ads on how the teenage Erik Finman became bitcoin millionaires or how I earn 5000 dollars a day with cryptocurrencies and thought its time to do your research.

Luckily, you reached the right place…

LendEDU conducted a survey of 1,000 American adults and found some pretty interesting results would bring you enlightening insights to push your way into the cryptocurrency space.

The new study gauge how interested are the American adults would be in a Facebook-created cryptocurrency, besides evaluating how this interest could change the company’s marketplace platform.

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Top-Line Findings Into the 2019 Survey on Facebook Cryptocurrency:

  • Only 7% of American adults have invested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.
  • 18% of American adults are willing to invest in Facebook-created cryptocurrency.
  • Being created by Facebook, the new Cryptocurrency gains the Americans’ trust to be invested in versus others.
  • Among the 65% of respondents who have used the Facebook Marketplace in the past to buy or sell products, 73% agreed that they’re willing to use it than before thanks to the ability to use the Facebook-created cryptocurrency.
A Figure Shows the Percentage of American Adults Who Are Willing to Invest in Facebook-created Cryptocurrency in 2019

A Figure Shows the Percentage of American Adults Who Are Willing to Invest in Facebook-created Cryptocurrency in 2019

What’s in “The 2019 Facebook Cryptocurrency” Survey:

  • Introduction
  • Full Survey Results
  • Observations & Analysis
  • Methodology


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Data is based on an online survey of 1,000 American adults aged 18+. The survey was conducted over a two-day span, starting on May 10th, 2019 and ending on May 11th, 2019. All respondents were asked to answer all questions truthfully and to the best of their abilities.


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