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7 Pay Per Click (PPC) Tips to Increase Performance | ThoughtShift

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Unlike SEO, Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the fastest marketing channels to increase leads and sales. It is a way of using search engine advertising to generate clicks to websites, rather than “earning” those clicks organically.

ThoughtShift introduces 7 tips that will make you improve your upcoming Pay Per Click campaigns:

  1. Ad Sitelinks:
    It’s an advert extension that allows up to 6 additional links to be displayed under your paid search advert. So, this gives your ad more visibility.
  2. Call Extensions:
    It allows you to include a business phone number within the advert text. The number will be clickable and once clicked, the number will be dialed for them.
  3. Google Merchant Centre (Product Extensions):
    It allows you to enable the Product Advert Extension feature of AdWords. So, when you make a search for a product the advert will show images, price & details of the product that is the closest match to what has been searched for in Google.
  4. Ad Scheduling:
    It helps you to specify the exact time that your adverts are shown so you can ensure the best time your adverts will appear on.
  5. Broad Match Modified Keywords:
    It makes you more targeted than broad match keywords enabling the “search net” to be cast wide. This type of keyword can be used in conjunction with other “Phrase” and [Exact] match keywords.
  6. Social Extensions:
    It helps to increase the confidence in your brand by sharing annotations.
  7. Seller Ratings:
    It also increases buyer confidence in your brand by letting searchers see that your organization has been rated well by customers.
7 PPC Tips to Increase Performance | ThoughtShift

Graph Shows a Pay Per Click Example


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