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A recent study conducted by CMI revealed that approximately 90% of successful B2B content marketers identify as being very committed to content marketing, compared to only 27% of their less-successful peers. That’s put us towards the fact that the line between marketing and content marketing has blurred over the past few years. Content marketing has become more pervasive and marketers now realize that having an effective content strategy is the fundamental base of a results-driven marketing program, as compelling content provides a better way to build awareness and trust – and directly impact sales.

But putting together an effective B2B content strategy and reaping the rewards requires a well-thought-out plan and a dynamic set of capabilities to execute it. This SmartGuide reveals a proven seven-step methodology for creating a powerful results-driven content marketing strategy. From uncovering consumption habits and buying stage adjustment to distribution and program measurement, this will guide you through the most important steps of your content marketing journey.

B2B Content Marketing 2018 Insights - A 7-Step Approach for Compelling B2B Content Marketing - Red House Atlanta Guide

Some B2B Content Marketing 2018 Insights

Content of the “Compelling B2B Content Marketing” Guide”:

  • An Introduction to Content Marketing
  • Mapping Your Content Marketing Strategy
    • Step 1: Align to Business Goals
    • Step 2: Zero in on Targets
    • Step 3: Identify Your Themes and Formats
    • Step 4: Create Your Calendar
    • Step 5: Determine Your Distribution Strategy
    • Step 6: Create Your Content
    • Step 7: Measure, Learn and Succeed
  • Bringing It All Together

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Red House is a digital b2b marketing agency based in Georgia, USA. Red House helps clients achieve results through strategic planning, account-based marketing and content marketing, as well as services such as automation support, content development, creative and analytics. Their expertise includes healthcare, financial, manufacturing, supply chain, technology and telecom. At Red House, they have their skills. They know Their markets and audiences. But when it comes to developing solutions, they begin at square one with each new client. Because while you live and work in the same world as everyone else; your needs, your brand and your potential are unique – your marketing should be too.

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