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Consumer Behavior

We are living in a world of fast-paced digital transformation makes the global marketing industry change dramatically. As a result. today’s marketing and advertising professionals are facing increasing pressure to prove their impact on the bottom line and to justify their everyday decisions with hard data.

On the plus side, research and insights professionals are under increasing pressure to provide impactful consumer insights, as and when they’re needed, from a reliable source that paints a holistic picture of the target audience and offers a compelling competitive advantage.

That’s why they’re turning to real-time analytics and using tools and techniques to better understand their consumers and gain insights into the ‘why’ behind consumer behaviors.

In this guide, GlobalWebIndex explores the changing role and importance of consumer insight, and what research and marketing teams must do to compete in 2019. GlobalWebIndex also analyzes the key consumer actions and motivations to acquire true insight, maps the consumer journey, combine deep insight with analytics that tracks digital footprints and delivers the experience your target consumers expect.

The Content of the “Data That Delivers” Guide:

  • Introduction
    • What do we know about today’s consumers?
    • What does this tell us?
  • The marketing dilemma
    • The fragmented consumer journey
    • The real-time answer
  • Finding the missing piece
    • The what vs. the why
    • Audience spotlight
  • The sweet spot
    • Insight in practice
  • Marketing that works
    • Consumer profiling
    • Crafting a message that converts
  • Conclusion
    • Checklist: Understanding the ‘why’
Consumer journey maps provide a detailed overview of the customer experience and what touchpoints matter along every path to purchase - 2019 Data from GlobalWebIndex

The N0n-Linear Gen Z Consumer Journey

Number of Pages:

  • 32 Pages


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GlobalWebIndex is a leading market research company headquartered in London that provides digital consumer insights across 44 countries to the world's largest brands, marketing agencies and media organizations. Maintaining a global panel of more than 22 million connected consumers which leverage to create 25,000 data points to profile internet users around the world. Providing a combination of survey and analytics data. Since launching in 2009, GlobalWebIndex has become one of the UK’s fastest-growing data technology companies.


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