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Business goes through crisis times and it is a nightmare for any existing business. However, it is always better to have a pre-planned business crisis plan in case of anything. As dealing with any crisis does create a great disturbance to your business no matter what, therefore you have to effectively make a crisis management plan to get through this.

However, you can lessen the chances of crises and be ready to deal fast with any crisis if there is one and to minimize the unavoidable fallouts.

Download the “Crowell & Moring LLP” crisis management handbook to be an essential reference for you before you launch a new product line or other innovation. It’ll help you to help you identify potential legal risks throughout the product’s anticipated lifecycle and use the tools discussed to minimize, where possible, these potential risks.

Developing an Effective Corporate Crisis Management Plan

Creating a crisis response plan in advance allows your company to successfully overcome the crisis. Listed below are some of the fundamental pieces of a crisis response plan.

The Fundamental 5 Elements of a Crisis Response Plan:

1. Public Relations:

As known, in most cases, companies that go through crisis time should talk to the press based on a carefully created plan. That what public relations do. As for the external public relations they can be hired to take the lead on press inquiries.

2. Crisis Team:

This team has an important role because the team members should brainstorm the scope of the crisis, not only that but to anticipate all that could go wrong as the crisis unfolds.

3. Internal Investigation and Remediation:

If your company is facing a crisis now, what is the first step to take? The first step will be to discover the source cause of the problem to work on a plan to fix it. investigation can be managed internally by an outside firm or by a combination of the two.

4. Regulatory Notice:  

There is an important thing to keep in mind that you must understand the laws and regulations applicable to your company’s product and operations, not only that but to know whether it had any obligation to report incidents to any government agencies long before a crisis occurs.

Federal regulatory agencies like National Highway, Food and Drug Administration, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or state Attorneys General, might be involved during a product safety crisis, especially when a recall or other corrective action is required.

5. Litigation:

Bear in mind that your company might be required to develop and stick to its trial themes from the outset besides being the benefit to have legal counsel forecast the nature of any possible litigation that can happen as a result of the crisis.

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It is obvious that no one can predict anything, and so, you cannot predict when or where a crisis can hit your company. However, it is always better to think about any possibilities whether they are good or bad ones and plan everything. That will lead your company to success and improve its chances of overcoming anything.

The Content of “The Crisis Management Handbook“:

Crisis Management Handbook

  • Foreword: When Your Brand is at Stake: Developing a Comprehensive, Lasting Approach to Product Risk Management
  • Chapter 1: Innovation Done Well: Designing Away Risk
  • Chapter 2: How Internal Policies and Practices Can Prevent or Fuel a Crisis: Developing an Effective Corporate Crisis Plan
  • Chapter 3: Managing Documents Created Before, During, and After a Product Liability Crisis
  • Chapter 4: Front Page Problems: Using Offensive and Defensive Strategies to Protect Your Brand from Reputational Harm in the Press
  • Chapter 5: Avoiding Reputational Damage During Congressional Investigations and Agency Enforcement Matters
  • Chapter 6: Protecting Market Share and Challenging Deceptive and Misleading Advertising Claims by Competitors
  • Chapter 7: Border Control Limbo: Saving Your Product From Seizures, Forfeitures, Fines, and Delays
  • Chapter 8: Minimizing Your Exposure to Class Action Litigation
  • About Our Advertising & Product Risk Management Group

Number of Pages:

  • 55 Pages


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