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Rise of AI: Get the Advantage in Marketing’s Next Big Leap Forward | WPROMOTE

Artificial Intelligence

Certainly, you’ve likely encountered the ongoing discussions surrounding the noteworthy launches, and sometimes less-than-perfect announcements, related to ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard. However, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing surpasses the realm of chatbots. Currently, AI, often referred to as automation or machine learning, is deeply ingrained in various marketing aspects.

If you’re engaging in automated bidding, implementing Performance Max campaigns on Google, or utilizing a media mix model for informed investment decisions, you’re already leveraging AI. Yet, this is merely the starting point. Marketers must confront the reality: AI holds the potential to revolutionize not only marketing but also our lifestyles, work dynamics, and social interactions.

The transformative nature of AI sparks concerns about job displacement and the potential obsolescence of the human touch in marketing. Even those enthusiastic about AI may feel uneasy about relinquishing certain areas of control. It’s time to shift from worry to acceptance, if not affection, for the role of AI in the future.

Prepare by becoming more at ease with AI integration across your marketing strategy. Embrace the mindset of a “Chief AI Officer,” leading with data, staying abreast of the latest developments, and strategically incorporating AI capabilities into your brand, media, and marketing strategies.

Rise of AI: Master Marketing’s Next Big Leap Forward | DMC

The Generative Engine: Content, Copy, and Creative Production

Generative AI employs prompts and inputs to create something novel, be it content, social copy, images, videos, songs, 3D models, or computer code. Presently, these generative AIs serve as a starting point for individuals facing creative challenges, demanding significant human oversight. The current sophistication of AI falls short of autonomously completing specific creative tasks, such as generating novel ideas or producing refined assets.

Platforms like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 offer simplified versions of AI-driven content and creative production. Meta has recently restructured its AI unit, focusing on developing creative and expressive tools while exploring text, image, and video experiences.

Rise of AI: Master Marketing’s Next Big Leap Forward | DMCIt’s crucial to acknowledge the limitations of these current AI platforms, as they heavily rely on human inputs, effort, and continuous result monitoring to produce useful outcomes. Although text AIs are more advanced, the next generation of AI tools is continually improving. Distinguishing between real-life and certain AI-generated images is already challenging, and as creative AI platforms advance, this distinction will become even more elusive.

However, it’s essential to recognize that human involvement remains integral to the strategic creative process, regardless of AI advancements. Successful AI-generated assets require strong, clear prompts and inputs, or individuals sharing their vision and goals to guide the AI effectively.

Consider this analogy: just as platforms like Canva democratize creative tools for the average person, AI platforms with a creative focus aim to streamline tasks, providing designers and writers with more time for other projects. AI-driven creativity has the potential to be more efficient in terms of both time and cost, benefiting not only those in the creative field.

Rise of AI: Master Marketing’s Next Big Leap Forward | DMC

As AI plays a growing role in the creative process, we anticipate other platforms investing in capabilities to dissect and remix campaigns, deploying them to the right audience based on data. The impact on influencers and creators remains to be seen, with the barrier to entry likely lowering as various platforms integrate AI into their systems.

Consumer surveys reveal ongoing wariness toward AI-generated content, driven by curiosity rather than confidence. This perception may evolve over time, emphasizing the importance of having the right people to implement processes and oversee the final product, ensuring authenticity. Regardless of the tools used, be it AI-generated or human-created, the human touch remains crucial for engaging and authentic creative assets.

Rise of AI: Master Marketing’s Next Big Leap Forward | DMC

SPOTLIGHT | Future of Search

AI is poised to revolutionize how people interact with search engines, prompting brands to adapt to evolving consumer preferences. As AI integration becomes more prevalent, brands must adjust content creation and optimization to align with changing user journeys. If AI becomes a primary recommendation source, brands should strategize to appear prominently in AI-generated results.

This involves producing high-quality, upper-funnel content, effectively communicating brand value, and understanding consumer preferences for AI recommendations compared to traditional discovery sources.

In the long run, as AI seamlessly integrates into hardware and software/apps, the reliance on search engines and browsers may diminish. The focus will shift towards content and user experience, with AI offering more comprehensive solutions within integrated platforms. Notably, ChatGPT integrations with Whisper APIs provide developers access to advanced language and speech-to-text capabilities.

Early adopters like Instacart leverage AI to provide shoppable answers to customer queries, challenging traditional referral click dynamics for publishers. As AI offers direct answers, tech giants must reassess ad services to carve a niche for referral clicks in this transformed search landscape.

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The Table of Contents of “Rise of AI: Get the Advantage in Marketing’s Next Big Leap Forward” Guide:

  • The Generative Engine: Content, Copy, and Creative Production
  • SPOTLIGHT | Future of Search
  • The Customer Experience: Customer Service and Personalization
  • SPOTLIGHT | Consumer Strategy & Data
  • The Strategic Execution: Campaign Management and Bidding
  • SPOTLIGHT | Chief AI Officer
  • The AI Solution: Making Machines Work For You

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