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Top Important Data Types That Consumers Care About, 2019

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The privacy of personal information is an important area of focus in today’s electronic world, where information can so easily be captured, stored, or even shared. In recent years it has regularly featured as a hot topic in news media and has become the target of legislation around the world. Encryption offers the consumer no guarantee that their data will be protected then, as consumer data is still open to the kinds of industry abuses that all internet users are all familiar with it. Many companies rely heavily on consumer-generated data to inform many activities, from product development and strategic planning to targeted marketing campaigns. When the information is used effectively, however, it is the consumer who may ultimately benefit, as it can enable companies to enhance the customer experience and provide innovative products and services. But how willing are consumers to provide their information, and what concerns do they have about sharing and protecting it.

Take a glance at the most important data types that consumers care about, 2019:

  • Financial/banking data is ranked as the most type of information that consumers care about it and fear of losing control of it with a rate of 78%.
  • Security information is ranked as the second most important type of information for surveyed consumers with a rate of 75%.
  • Identity information come at next as an important data type for surveyed consumers with a rate of 70%.
  • Medical information also listed as an important type of information for surveyed consumers with a rate of 61%.
  • Contact information is listed as the last type of information that surveyed consumers care about with a rate of 57%.
Top 5 Types of information that consumer fear of losing control of it 2019

A Graph Shows The Most Types of Information That Consumers Fear of Losing Control Over It, 2019.

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