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Significant Challenges of Getting Ready For The General Data Privacy Regulations, 2019

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Organizations have invested, and still investing, in people, processes, technology, and policies to meet customer privacy requirements and avoid significant fines and other penalties. In addition, data breaches continue to expose the personal information of millions of people, as a result, customers are asking more questions during the buying cycle about how their data is captured, used, transferred, shared, stored, destroyed and protected.

Take a glance at the most important challenges of getting ready for the general data protection regulations from the security professionals point of view in 2019:

  • Meeting data security requirement is ranked as the most significant challenge of general data protection regulations adoption with a rate of 42%.
  • Internal training is ranked as the second most important challenge by surveyed security professionals in implementing the general data protection regulations with a rate of 39%.
  • Staying on the top of the evolving development as the regulation matures comes at next as a challenge of implementing data protection regulations at a rate of 35%.
  • Complying with privacy by design requirements also listed as a significant issue of adopting the general data protection regulations with a rate of 34%.
Getting Ready for GDPR Challenges 2019

A Graph Shows The Challenges of Getting Ready For The General Data Protection Regulations, 2019.


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