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Twitter Help Brands With “A Month of Tweets Ideas”

There comes a necessary phase where you do not know what should your brand say or what to tweet about; since we are talking about Twitter.

And since content what attracts your target audience and what your audience will be exposed to, you have to be consistent as it is one of the main elements to have an effective social media marketing strategy.

Therefore, you must come up with new things, which are relevant to them, to share and write in order to engage with your target audience. One of the most difficult things that can come up in your way is not being familiar with the social media platform users and how to communicate with them.

Tweet - Tweets Ideas

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However, in a significant move, Twitter decided to help brands that’s why, this week, it published a list of 20 tweets prompts in order to help you think about what should you share, to keep the engagement with your followers, and to keep the stream of tweets going.

“Throughout the month, pay attention to which Tweets get the most engagement. Do your followers engage most with the educational Tweets? Silly Tweets? Tweets asking a question? Use these insights to shape your future content and overall Twitter voice.” Twitter stated.

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Get A Month of Tweets Ideas by Twitter:

These ideas can help you if you are just starting out your business or if you want to make use of Twitter to have a better connection with your target audience or looking for just a tweet to approach and interact with your followers and even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tweets Ideas Are:

  • Tweeting an answer to an FAQ about your business
  • Retweet.
  • Tweeting a pro tip.
  • Retweet with comment.
  • It is best if you give your followers a look behind the scenes.
  • Adding a link to a key piece of content, it is proven that tweets with links saw 43% higher engagement than tweets without links.
  • A GIF would be a nice tweet to mix into your content.
  • Take some time to get familiar with memes if you are not and tweet a meme!
  • Polls are popular on Twitter.
  • Questions are great to interact with followers.
  • Share #WednesdayWisdom.
  • Recreate a tweet that was successful earlier.
  • Shoutout for a customer, employee or even a partner is great.
  • Engage with your twitter followers via going live.
  • It would be great to show the human side of your brand by tweeting user-generated content (UGC).
  • Tweet light videos ( 6-15 seconds).
  • Keep your tweet simple.

A Month of Tweets Ideas

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