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Facebook Adds More Color Customization Options for Groups

A quick and handy update from Facebook this month and it is the new Facebook color palette options for groups, Facebook is updating and adding more color customization options for groups in order to help users who are vision-impaired or color-blind.

The screenshot below -shared by social media expert Matt Navarra- Shows the new color options provide more contrast, and that makes it easy to see for people with varying sight capacity.

A New Facebook Color Palette for Groups 2020 | DMC

The New Facebook Color Palette 2020

The new Facebook color palette will include 15 colors to choose from in total, or you will have the ability to let Facebook do the work for you and create a custom color for your group and this is based on the dominant color in your cover image. This new feature will be rolled out next week as mentioned by social media expert Matt Navarra on Twitter.

Moreover, back in 2018, Facebook also introduced the option to add personalized groups, and according to Facebook, it is “To provide an extra sense of personal identity and place”.

A New Facebook Color Palette for Groups 2020 | DMC

Talking about the new shades they will provide more customization options, while also, catering to a wider set of users’ needs. As expected, these changes will be rolling out to group admins shortly.


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