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Facebook Makes it Available to Send Marketing Emails Easily Via Pages App

It is reported that some Facebook users of Facebook’s Pages app saw this new function appears over the weekend which helps them to ‘send customize marketing emails’ through their Facebook Page.

Facebook is testing a new function that will allow page managers to send marketing emails to their contacts via their Facebook Page easily.

Facebook Allows Sending Marketing Emails Via Facebook Pages

How Does Sending Marketing Emails Work?

Social media expert Meg Coffey provided screenshots to explain how does the new sending marketing emails works via Facebook Pages.

Facebook Allows Sending Marketing Emails Via Facebook Pages

  1. First of all, Pages need to confirm their Page email address.
  2. Once your email is confirmed, Page managers need to manually add email contacts to the database. Moreover, Page managers are required to confirm that any email contacts that they do add have given them specific permission to contact them with promotional messages via email.
  3. When you agree to Facebook’s usage terms, you can create email campaigns through the Pages app, besides a preview of your subject line and content in the lower section, which makes it easy to extend into an email outreach. You can’t use the emails that people have listed on their Facebook profiles.

Facebook Allows Sending Marketing Emails Via Facebook Pages

Facebook Allows Sending Marketing Emails Via Facebook Pages

4. As it seeks to replicate CRM systems, and with all of your marketing messages as well as Facebook and Instagram ads beside the promotional emails, coming from your Facebook business hub. It appears that any emails you send via this process will be delivered through your “” email address and that is attached to your account. You can send your email messages through the Pages app, but you still need to provide the base data in terms of email addresses, for such.

Back in the day, Facebook used to provide every Facebook user with a unique Facebook email address, however, they removed the option sometime back because of the misuse of the advertisers. Anyhow, it is possibly still here in the back-end, and you would theoretically still be able to use that process to target people via this system, but Facebook is not actually allowing that extended functionality.

This function seems to aim more at businesses that are not as familiar with email marketing, so this is another way to help them to connect with their target audience with simple, CRM-style tools.

In light of that aspect, large brands will be familiar with such a process, however, may be smaller organizations and businesses are not familiar with it so they will find this option very valuable and handy for them.

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