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Facebook’s New Prompts to Urge People Wear Masks in The US Due to The Spread of COVID-19

Facebook’s new prompts in the US urge people to wear their mask to eliminate the spread of COVID-19. Every country now deals with the rise of COVID-19 cases, in light of the fast rise of COVID-19 cases in the US, Facebook will display new, top of feed prompt not only in Facebook but also Instagram.

Facebook’s new prompts will urge US users to wear their face masks when they leave their houses.

Facebook's New Prompts in The US Amid COVID-19 2020 | DMC

Facebook’s New Prompts Amid COVID-19 in The US 2020

Facebook talked about that matter and said “With the rise in COVID-19 cases in the US, we’re putting an alert at the top of Facebook and Instagram to remind everyone to wear face coverings and find more prevention tips from the CDC in our COVID-19 Information Center ”

On Wednesday, the US reported 52,000 new COVID-19 cases in just one single day. This record is definitely high for any region.

In light of that matter, infectious diseases expert, and advisor to the White House, Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that the US is “going in the wrong direction” with the coronavirus. Fauci also warned that infections could soon reach 100,000 cases per day.

As for the time being, there has been some debate over face mask use, not only that but even conflicting information from official sources at different times.

Recalling the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, health officials advised people not to wear masks, however, at least in part, this was designed to make sure that there wasn’t a sudden rush on face masks buying and to ensure there would be enough supply for essential service workers essentially.

On the other side, the advice now is obvious and clear. We can see that even US President Donald Trump, who had been largely dismissive of the need for face masks. has now changed his mind and is urging people to use face masks.

Hopefully, a vaccine will save us and at least eliminate the spread of the coronavirus once and for all, anyhow that could still be some months off and of course, we don’t know for how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last, so at least, for the time being, we need to stick to the precautions and take care.

Wearing a face mask makes sense even if no one likes it but bearing in mind the official health advice, it could actually be the best way to limit the COVID-19 spread and Facebook’s new prompts will hopefully be a way to boost awareness.

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