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Facebook: Tests New Post Composer to More Easily Add Recent Photos

Facebook is testing a new, visual-focused post composer update, and this would put the latest images from your Camera Roll in a panel display just below the composer frame.

Facebook’s Post Composer:

As shown in the image below, shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, some users are no seeing a new “Choose photos” panel below the composer window, so they can quickly add one of their latest images to their update.

Check Facebook's Post Composer In 2021 | DMC

Regarding Facebook’s post composer, this makes a lot of sense, given that photo posts see much more engagement than static text updates, besides videos which see even more engagement, on average, than that.

Moreover, with the more visual Stories seeing increased popularity over time, it makes sense for Facebook to be putting more visual focus into its post-composition process. It just seems like they should have added this years ago, as it’s not a new trend that visual-based posts are more popular.

Additionally, in terms of practical value, as noted, it’s not a major, functional addition, however, more of a refinement to the on-going process, which could prompt more people to add visuals to their updates. But probably not.

The social media platform is growing with more users daily, at 2.7 billion users, most people know how Facebook works, which means if they were going to add an image, they likely already know how to do it. More about Facebook’s new composer, having their latest videos and photos show up as a reminder could actually prompt a little more sharing, however, it seems like the impact will be minimal.

However, it’s impressive either way, also it could make it a little quicker to put together your visual updates on The Social Network.

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