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Facebook Announces Season 2 of its ‘Social Skills’ Business Tips Video Series

Facebook has now announced a second season of the “Social Skills” business insights video series. The videos were aired earlier this year. Facebook’s Social Skills series will feature interviews with a wide range of social media managers behind major brands.

As shown in this preview, the new season, begging this Wednesday, will feature insights from BarkBox, Parade, Target, and more.

The aim of Facebook’s Social Skills videos is to showcase how, specifically, each of these brands approaches social platform usage, as well as how they maximize success in their efforts.

Additionally, some of the insights from season one were a little broad, however, it is interesting to hear direct from the people in charge as to how they view things like social metrics, and engagement, and what each element means in their planning.

Know More About Facebook’s Social Skills Videos:

Each episode is generally short (4-5 mins) and edited into a quickly consumable format, which makes it easy to glean keynotes from each of the experts featured. It is worth tuning in because while some of it will be fairly general tips such as listen to your audience, communicate your brand. There are also little pointers that will make you think.

Furthermore, you will gain more understanding into how these major brands have seen success, and that can help match up your own expectations and approach.

Make sure to check the second season of Facebook’s Social Skills videos via Facebook for Business on Facebook and Instagram. And in case you missed the first season, check it here.

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