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2021 Christmas Marketing Guide Australia and New Zealand | Facebook

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Holiday campaigns are highly important because people tend to spend more money on shopping and gifts, also campaigns can raise brand awareness besides attracting people to your business.

In this Christmas marketing guide, you will learn how people’s need to feel connected, entertained, and inspired is affecting the way they shop and buy.

Without further ado, let’s go through this guide.

The Facebook Discovery Commerce System:

This Christmas marketing guide is provided by Facebook, and the Facebook Discovery Commerce system can help marketers deliver on each of the customer’s needs and this is by creating personalized discovery experiences.

The Definitive Christmas Marketing Guide 2021 | DMC

It can help with:

  • Delight shoppers and anticipate their needs
  • Helping products find people wherever they are through a series of sophisticated components and tools.

Engagement and Entertainment:

As the Christmas marketing guide highlights that marketers should work to integrate entertainment into content and commerce and this is by creating experiences that are both shoppable and inspiring.

Shoppers find entertainment in live shopping events as well as gamified shopping experiences during sale days and beyond.

Also, there is a growing appetite from shoppers to make online holiday shopping an immersive experience that feels as engaging as IRL.

According to the Christmas marketing guide, Shoppers can purchase directly from social platforms, and from influencers, they discover on Instagram. Across markets like Indonesia and Thailand, games and live streams can help drive very high engagement, with events hosted by celebrities and influencers happening throughout.

The Definitive Christmas Marketing Guide 2021 | DMC

Make sure to check the full 2021 Christmas marketing guide here for tips and insights for your next holiday campaign.

The Table of Contents of “2021 Christmas Marketing Guide Australia and New Zealand ”:

  • Community and connection
  • Engagement and entertainment
  • Anticipation and occasion
  • Inspiration and spontaneity

Number of Pages: 

  • 18 pages


  • Free


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