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New Ad Tools from Google to Retailers Ahead of the Holiday Rush 

Google has announced new ad tools options for retailers ahead of the coming holiday season – even though it feels like a long way off. However, if you count the days Christmas is now only 114 days away!

Additionally, consumer behaviors have been changing due to COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns. Therefore, these new ad tools options aim to help retailers make the most of their connection opportunities, as well as maximizing in-store shopping potential in the upcoming months.

Starting this with the new element Google has added to Local campaigns and it will enable advertisers to optimize for store visit indicators “like clicks on “calls” or “directions”

Check Google's New Ad Tools for Retailers 2020 | DMC

Google’s New Ad Tools 2020

Talking more about this option, Google’s Local campaigns enable businesses to target nearby searchers across search, YouTube, and maps, in addition to capitalizing on immediate interest.

The new targeting options will also give businesses more ways to connect with interested searchers. However, up till now, advertisers have only been able to optimize for store visits through Local campaign promotions.

Not only that but Google’s making it easier for big retail chains to highlight local store offers through Local extensions.

“Now it’s easier for major retailers and chains to set up location extensions by selecting their store locations from a curated list from Google. In just a few clicks, choose the chain you want to promote to quickly create a location extension. We’ll review to make sure the chain is a good match for your business using signals like its website domain and country.”

Check Google's New Ad Tools for Retailers 2020 | DMC

Moreover, Google’s also expanding its sales filters for Black Friday sales on Google Shopping, besides making Promotions in Google Shopping easier to use.

As per Google: “You’ll be able to support flash sales and last-minute discounts with near-instant promotion approvals on eligible offers and easy editing of your live promotions (the U.S. only).”

With more and more people searching online before heading out to stores, and to plan out their trips ahead of time, as well as minimizing potential exposure, tools like these (Google’s new ad tools) can be beneficial for retailers to better align with rising trends as well as maximizing their opportunites through localized promotions.

Make sure to check more information about Google’s latest local retail updates here.

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