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Double Story Stories Feed: The New Feature From Instagram to Some Users

Instagram Stories have always been something unique about the social media platform, and there are always improvements in the Stories. Instagram is now testing double story stories feed but with some users only.

The benefit here if you are a big fan of Instagram Stories and you like to check every single story, with the new feature you will be able to access more of the Stories faster than before.

The screenshot below is provided by user Ed Maughan and shared by the social media expert Matt Navarra shows that Instagram is testing the new double story Stories feed, but for the time being, it is only available for some users now.

Instagram Double Story Stories Feed New Feature | DMC

Instagram Double Story Stories Feed

However, it has been reported by different users that they have the new Stories display with the double story display appearing for them this week.

In light of that, Instagram stated “We’re always testing ways to improve your Instagram experience.”

Anyhow, Instagram hasn’t said anything about the range of the testing of the new feature. It is unknown in which regions they are conducting the test on the new test. If users reported a positive response about the new feature, we will see the new normal for Instagram Stories.

Moreover, in another related development on the social media platform, reverse engineering analyst Jane Manchun Wong has reported that Instagram is looking at adding more Stories bubbles for the last few months. Wong also discovered another Stories test, that will make it easier to switch between Stories, Instagram confirmed this development.

Instagram Double Story Stories Feed New Feature | DMC

As we can see there is a huge increased focus on Instagram Stories, and apparently this way might be the new way to engage with social media in the near future. It is obvious that Instagram looks to shift the main focus of the social media platform from the traditional user feed to an Instagram Stories feed.

In other words, that means your Instagram will open on the first frame of the first Story in your tray, then it will let you skip through Stories.

However, the parent company, Facebook has noted, Stories are on track to overtake the news feed as a powerful framework for social media engagement. The new developments will make a great change in social media usage in the future.

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