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Instagram Expands Insights Data to 60 Days, As it Provides More Analytical Capacity

Today, Instagram announced that it’s doubling the data tracking period within Instagram Insights, stretching it from up to 30 days past to 60 days instead.

Instagram marketers, this is good news!

Instagram Insights:

As shown below, Instagram has added a new calendar tool within Instagram Insights, which will enable users to access when they tap into the date range tools.

Furthermore, the existing preset date range options will still be available along the top of the screen, which means you can still measure your results based on set blocks of time, however, soon, you’ll also be able to enter a custom, expanded time period for the displayed metrics.

Know More About the Updated Instagram Insights 2021 | DMCAccording to Instagram VP of Product Vishal Shah:

“We’re doubling the timeframe to 60 days for now (it’ll be 90 later this summer). We’ll keep making updates based on feedback and share more when we can.”

That means you can analyze the last two months of data at once, and soon, you’ll have three months of account performance data to refer to, providing significantly more capacity to measure your results.

Matter of fact, this will be a huge boost. Right now, there are some third-party platforms that offer some capacity to expand your measurement period for Instagram data beyond the 30 day limit in the app.
However, this will be official insights from Instagram itself, on the other side, this could mean that it’s more accurate, based on Facebook’s servers – but at the least, it will bring all of the social analytics more into line, besides making them more readily available, which will improve your capacity to measure your performance over time.

More about Instagram Insights, we can see that the same insights will eventually also make it across to Facebook’s Creator Studio app, which it’s been pushing marketers towards as the prime Facebook and Instagram management tool.

As for Creator Studio, it provides access to Instagram insights, anyhow it’s also limited to 30 days. If that gets expanded to 90 days, in congruence with this update, that will give you even more ways so you can manage your Facebook and Instagram performance in one place.

More data is always better, and more Instagram data, particularly, will no doubt be helpful for the many marketers working to make the best use of the platform.

The new calendar tools are being launched from today, so keep your app updated and check your analytics for when it hits your region.

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