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Instagram Rolls Out its New Sponsored Product Listings to All Merchants

Instagram’s promoted products were being tested over the last few weeks, and now Instagram is rolling the new promoted products option with the Shop tab to every merchant in the app.

As you can see in the following example, brands with products listings on Instagram will now have the ability to promote them on the Shop tab, with a “Sponsored” disclaimer marking the paid posts.

Check Instagram's Promoted Products Option in 2021 | DMC

In light of Instagram’s promoted products option, Instagram says:

“After a successful test, we’re launching ads on the Instagram Shop tab globally to make it easier for people to discover and shop from brands when they’re already in the mood to browse. These ads will appear as tiles on the Instagram Shop tab home page.”

Even if Instagram doesn’t say it but in this context “Successful” means that promoted listings haven’t had a negative impact on engagement and could be also helping to drive results for early partner brands.

More about Instagram’s Promoted Products Option in 2021:

So what happens if you click on a sponsored product? It will take you through to a product details page, and there you will e able to learn more about the item.

Moreover, the details page will also highlight additional products from that brand.

Also, users will be able to save sponsored product listings to a wishlist or share them with friends from the details page.

In light of the new promoted products option, the addition is part of Instagram’s broader eCommerce shift, and that involves slowly teaching users to expect that they will also be able to shop for items from images in the app.

Moreover, the Shop tab, which was introduced last July, is definitely a vital element in this, and with more people now turning now on eCommerce because of the COVID-19 inflicted store closures, the gradual guidance towards Instagram’s shopping options will perfectly see more shopping activity happen within Instagram, making this an even more valuable promotional tool over time.

The Shop tab will become more valuable because Instagram is learning more about each users’ shopping preferences and the products they like.

It is worth noting that 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand on Instagram, underlining the potential for product discovery as well as promotion in the app.

The new Instagram Promoted Products option is rolling out in countries where the Instagram Shop tab is available.

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