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Instagram: New Shopping Features Are Launched “The Shops Tab” 2020

Instagram looks forward to the next stage of its eCommerce expansion. In light of that matter, TechCrunch reported that Instagram is testing at the moment the new Shops tab globally, but with a small group of users.

At present, when you tap on the Shops tab it will take you to the existing shopping experience in the app, along with a listing of posts that have Shopping Tags added via approved merchants.

Instagram Releases The New Shops Tab 2020 | DMC

Instagram Shops Tab 2020

Moreover, the Shops tab will highlight more purchase options. As a parent company, Facebook began to test shopping in Stories in June, moreover, it is now expanding the option to businesses in 46 countries. The Shops tab will allow users to simply tap on items in Stories to reveal more details about these items, besides a link to purchase the item.

According to a survey, Instagram found out that users watch Stories to stay in touch and know what happens with brands they are interested in. 90 million accounts already tap photos to reveal tags in shopping posts, and this is according to the company.

The changes which happened on Instagram days ago – the Direct icon has gone to the bottom function bar instead of up top, and the activity tap has disappeared- are related to Instagram’s work to find out the perfect place for the new Tab.

The Shops tab was previewed earlier in May as a part of the announcement of Facebook and Instagram Shops, anyhow, the Shops tab will be within the bottom function bar.

The new tab will be the next step in making eCommerce a bigger focus on Instagram. This is a good time for Facebook to make a push as eCommerce sales are rising amid COVID-19 due to the lockdowns and everyone has shifted to online shopping.

According to research from Adobe Analytics, online sales in the US increased by 25% per day in March 2020, moreover, further data from Emarsys found that as of March 30: “eCommerce sales from pure-play eCommerce retailers are up 34% year over year in the U.S. and Canada, and the number of orders has increased 52% year over year”

The new Shops tab will be another significant part of Facebook’s expansion and development of Facebook Pay, as Facebook works on making it easier for users to make one-click purchases in-app.

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