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Four Interactive Sticker Options Were Launched on Instagram

Instagram has introduced four new interactive stickers to boost engagement and interaction on the platform. This is significant because, as sharing activity increasingly shifts to private DMs, Instagram is working on offering more choices and embracing content trends to keep up interactivity in streams.

Find out More About the New Instagram Stickers 

The initial new sticker is called Add Your Music, allowing users to reply to a story with a song.Find out more about the New Instagram Stickers | DMC

In this sequence, users can respond to a story with a song using Add Yours Music, offering an additional form of engagement. It’s like Add Yours Sticker feature, except for music. Find out more about the New Instagram Stickers | DMCAs music becomes a crucial factor in engaging users on social apps, particularly the younger demographic, it offers Instagram another avenue to embrace this trend. Instagram will introduce a new feature resembling Polaroid frames, allowing users to transform their photos into vintage-style images.

Viewers will have to shake their phones in order to see the image, which is the most captivating aspect of this situation. Instagram gave a sneak peek at its Coachella collaboration last month. Coming up next is its reveal sticker, which will only be shown when the viewer sends a DM to the creator. Users must send a direct message (DM) in order to view the image, but the creator does not need to manually approve each DM; the image will be visible automatically once a DM has been sent.

In a sense, it offers an additional interactive choice, though theoretically, the audience could also reply with anything in a direct message to view your image. I suppose it provides an additional layer of visibility regarding who is viewing your story while also creating a new avenue for direct interaction.


In conclusion, Instagram is also bringing back its Cutouts sticker, which certain users have had access to since January. Cutouts allow you to make a sticker out of any part of an image, which can be utilized in various settings.

As previously mentioned, a few Instagram users have had the cutout option for a while, but now all users will have access to it for their creations.

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