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Instagram Activates QR Codes Instead of Nametag Codes to Connect Users Quickly

Even though no one seems to be interested in QR codes as a fast connection option on social media platforms, it is important for some regions. This week, Instagram has launched new QR codes for its Instagram profiles, simply, the new option is a quick scan option in order to help Instagram users connect with other users and businesses through the social media platform.

Instagram's QR Codes Will Replace Nametag Codes 2020 | DMC

Instagram’s QR Codes:

Talking more about Instagram’s QR codes, we all know that the social platform has its own QR codes, right? Well, not exactly. Back in 2018, Instagram launched “Nametag Codes” They were essentially QR codes for profiles, however, with a slightly different variation.

Instagram's QR Codes Will Replace Nametag Codes 2020 | DMC

So Nametag Codes were designed to be extremely visual and engaging and this is for a purpose which is, encouraging usage.  However, they didn’t catch on, and for the time being Instagram is replacing Nametag Codes with QR codes instead.

Things you need to know about Instagram’s QR codes:

You can scan it with regular iOS and Andriod camera tools, immediately linking to a person’s IG profile, unlike Nametag Codes you could only scan them by the Instagram camera.

QR codes are more universal and as noted they will make a big difference or lead more people to use them as they make a huge difference in certain regions.

As reported by The Economist, QR codes are regularly used in both China and Japan – in fact, QR code-enabled transactions totaled more than $1.65 trillion in these two countries back in 2016 (yes, ‘trillion’ with a ‘t’).

As we can see this is the reason why social media platforms still see an opportunity in the option. Even though Instagram’s not available in China due to restrictions on outside social media platforms, Japan is one of the social media platform’s fastest-growing markets and presents an important opportunity for Instagram.

Also, COVID-19 might have an effect on Instagram’s QR codes as they can get a chance to shine again in some more regions and the reason behind this is the need to limit physical contact, besides maintaining distancing.

That way creating Instagram’s QR codes is another simple way to share relevant business information while also keeping a distance. Not only that but Instagram’s QR codes can actually be an alternative way for customers to share their contact information with stores to get updates and info sent to them, which means eliminating conversations in stores.

It is completely worth it to continue developing Instagram’s QR codes options as there are many different ways that QR codes could assist.

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