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LinkedIn Helped 10 Million People Gain New Skills in 2020

It is worth saying that the COVID-19 outbreak was actually a pivotal event in the evolution of LinkedIn. LinkedIn helped 10 million people gain new skills because of the LinkedIn initiatives for training and education.

The global COVID-19 pandemic, which has put millions of people out of work, not only that but it will also impact many millions, on the other side, it has also opened up new opportunities for online training, fresh approached to work, and digital connection.

LinkedIn Initiatives: Training and Education Initiatives

Bear in mind that, LinkedIn might be best-placed to both maximize engagement and facilitate the increased need. As we can see the global economy is slowly getting back on track in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, LinkedIn is standing to see important increases in usage among job seekers as well as professionals seeking out their next step.

LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky says: “People from 231 countries and territories, and all 50 states have tapped into our program at since we launched in June. We’re seeing huge numbers of people from the U.S., India, UK, France, and Canada learning every day, with some of the most popular courses being for roles in software development, customer service, and data analysts.”

Additionally, LinkedIn is well-placed to recognize key areas of opportunity, which positions the platform to become the primary connector for white-collar professionals moving forward. Which, as perceived, will possibly see the platform continue to build on its record engagement also interaction levels in-app, and maximize its potential as a key HR tool in several respects.

Bear in mind that, LinkedIn is already the key online platform for professional connection, and also during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s sought to increase the relevance and value of its digital training tools in order to help users identify the key skills that can align them with emerging opportunities.

Moreover, this week LinkedIn has provided an update on those efforts, LinkedIn reported that 10 million people have learned new skills within LinkedIn learning, Microsoft’s education tools along with GitHub during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also, While LinkedIn’s focus right now is on helping as many people as possible through training it’s also further establishing its social platform as a primary focus for more professionals, and this could lead to expanded marketing and outreach value going forward.

Bear in mind all of this, as it is worth noting in your long-term strategic plans, also, it is worth monitoring LinkedIn’s activity stats besides data in order to determine it’s ongoing potential in this aspect.

For more information, make sure to read the LinkedIn Initiatives update about its various training and education initiatives here.

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