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LinkedIn Introduces Premium Company Pages Subscription

LinkedIn is testing a new subscription option aimed at businesses called LinkedIn Premium Company Pages, an extension of its existing LinkedIn Premium offering. This new feature is designed to provide enhanced visibility and tools for brands within the LinkedIn app, offering a suite of dedicated features exclusive to paying brands.

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Key Features of LinkedIn Premium Company Pages

What are the key features of LinkedIn premium company pages?

  • Custom Call-to-Action (CTA) Button: Brands can customize the CTA button on their page, directing users to a URL of their choice.
  • Visitor Insights: Similar to Premium individual members, Company Pages will receive detailed information about visitors to their page.
  • Custom Testimonials: Premium Company Pages can showcase client testimonials and quotes, along with optional images.
  • AI-Powered Post Writing Assistance: LinkedIn offers a tool to assist in composing Company Page updates, leveraging AI technology for initial drafts.
  • Auto-Invite Engaged Members: Users who engage with company content may receive automatic invitations to follow the Company Page.
  • Premium Logo Display: Premium Company Pages will feature a distinctive LinkedIn Premium logo.

LinkedIn premium company pages Subscription 2024 | DMC

Testing and Pricing

LinkedIn is currently testing this subscription option with selected SMB users, starting at a price point of $99 per month. While this may be a substantial investment for many SMBs, the features offered may provide value for businesses seeking enhanced visibility and engagement on the platform.

Evaluation of Features

While some features, such as detailed visitor insights and customizable CTAs, offer potential benefits, others, like AI post-writing assistance and auto-invitations, may be perceived as less valuable or potentially intrusive. The speculated perk of priority placement in search results could offer additional value, particularly for businesses heavily reliant on LinkedIn for lead generation.

LinkedIn premium company pages Subscription 2024 | DMC

LinkedIn’s Strategic Direction

LinkedIn’s introduction of Premium Company Pages aligns with its efforts to capitalize on increased user engagement and attention, particularly amidst shifting dynamics in the social media landscape. As LinkedIn continues to roll out new features and enhancements, it aims to attract interest from brands seeking to leverage its platform for marketing and engagement purposes.

While LinkedIn’s Premium Company Pages represent a step towards providing additional value for brands, there may still be room for refinement and further development to address the needs of a broader range of businesses. As LinkedIn evolves and responds to user feedback, it may introduce additional features or adjustments to better cater to the preferences and objectives of its user base.

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