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Pinterest Launches New Showcase of Female-Owned Businesses for International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th), Pinterest has launched a new Pinterest Shop collection that features a range of female-founded small businesses, and hundreds of products, all made and designed by women.

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Pinterest Shop Collection for International Women’s Day:

In light of Pinterest Shop collection, Pinterest says: As explained by Pinterest:

“Working women were disproportionately hit by the COVID economic fallout. Last December, women accounted for 100% of U.S. jobs lost that month. There are even talks of a “Shecession”. Now, more than ever, they need support.”

Talking more about the Pinterest Shop collection, the new showcase will highlight female founders, and promote their efforts via Pinterest’s dedicated shop platform. Pinterest has previously used its shop to highlight sustainable products and Black-owned businesses.
Not only that but also for the entire month of March, Pinterest has established an International Women’s Day fund and will match donations from employees to nonprofits helping women succeed.

In light of the Pinterest Shop collection, it’s still too early to even begin the measure the full economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, platforms like Pinterest have provided an alternate means for creators in order to build business opportunities, which will become increasingly important, particularly as eCommerce usage continues to rise.

Note that International Women’s Day provides a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the challenges faced by female business owners specifically, and it’s amazing to see Pinterest working to highlight new opportunities, also showcase women creators on its platform.

Make sure to check out the new Pinterest Shop collection here.

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