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Pinterest Announces New Marketing Tools, Including ‘Pinterest Premiere’ Video Ads

As part of its first-ever “Pinterest Presents” marketing as well as advertising summit, Pinterest has today announced several new ad tools in order to provide more insight into campaign performance, also enhanced opportunity to reach the right audience.

In light of Pinterest’s new marketing tools first off, Pinterest is adding a new video ad option called ‘Pinterest Premiere’, and that will enable advertisers to purchase exclusive video placement in the home feed for a specific demographic, interest, or category for a designated time frame.

Know More About Pinterest's New Marketing Tools In 2021 |DMC

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Pinterest’s New Marketing Tools:

In light of Pinterest’s new marketing tools, Pinterest explains: “Pinterest Premiere gives you the option to align video ad targeting with either a specific demographic or a specific category (combining demographics and interests). These packages are set up to help you drive broader reach and scale for moments like launches, brand events, or even ongoing campaigns.”

However, the option sounds a little like Twitter’s “First View” ad option, which ensures your video ad is the first that your target audience sees for the day. Also, that can come with a hefty price tag, anyhow, it does ensure you get optimal reach with your desired audience subset.

Additionally, video content saw a big rise among Pinners back in 2020, with the platform now facilitating close to a billion video views every day. Pinterest users are also 2.6x more likely to make a purchase after viewing brand video content on the platform, so there’s a strong case for that extra video investment if Pinterest is a key platform of focus for your digital marketing effort.

Aside from Pinterest’s new marketing tools, Pinterest has also updated its interactive trends tool, which will now provide more specific insights into engagement behaviors across the platform.

Know More About Pinterest's New Marketing Tools In 2021 |DMC

Back in December 2019, the first beta version of Pinterest’s Trends tool was launched. However, this updated format provides more context, and visual examples to better highlight relevant shifts.

Additionally, within this, you’ll be able to get an overview of broader usage trends and shifts – like the fact that usage among Gen Z, as well as male Pinners, has increased 40% over the past year.

Moreover, the rising interest in these demographics underlines the broadening use of Pins and could pique the interest of even more brands who may look to consider the app for their planning.

Besides Pinterest’s new marketing tools, Pinterest is launching its Conversion Insights more broadly, which enables advertisers to view both promoted along with organic Pin metrics in a single report.

Know More About Pinterest's New Marketing Tools In 2021 |DMC

Back in September, Pinterest launched a version of Conversion Insights for advertisers in the US and the UK, however, the updated format will go deeper onto downstream conversion and better highlight cross-channel impact.

Moreover, Pinterest’s new marketing tools will facilitate improved audience research, also, broader outreach, which could present a range of new opportunities. Not only that but also Pinterest has noted that it’s working on improved shopping experiences, better catalog management options, and new automated bidding and budgeting solutions.

Brands should consider Pinterest in their digital marketing strategy, as it has 459 million active users and still increasing, also with Pinterest’s new marketing tools, it is totally worth it.

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