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Check Out Pinterest’s Tips for Travel Brands Amid Early Signs of Travel Recovery

Amid the ongoing events and the lockdowns due to COVID-19, looks like there is a limited chance for travel marketing and pitching people on future holiday plans.

However, according to Pinterest interest in travel is seeing a resurgence, as more and more people look forward to future opportunities, also more travelers, at the moment, are moving through US airports.

According to Pinterest, there are more than 850,000 travelers passed through US airport security checkpoints on August 16th, and this is about 10x the volume of air travelers in early April.

Moreover, those figures are still down on the same time last year, however, with reports of COVID-19 treatments and vaccines starting to trickle in, there is a chance now, that it might be a good time to start helping users plan for that future escape, the escape they need, once they are able to travel again.

Pinterest’s Tips About Travel:

Talking more about Pinterest’s tips about travel, Pinterest says: “Some of the trends we’re seeing? With COVID-19 still a concern, car-centered vacations are gaining ground. Searches for “cross country road trip” are up 89% while those for “road trips routes” have zoomed ahead 248%. Searches for outdoor-focused destinations are also spiking, with “lake weekend” up 41% and “national parks” up 60%. And “RV camping tips” searches have gained 1257%”

This means that regardless of the current situation and COVID-19, people are starting to think about their travel options.
Additionally, you can check Pinterest’s tips and seek some travel marketing tips to maximize your appeal to the consumers.

Help travelers imagine the future: This is a key opportunity for travel marketers to highlight experiences people can have through digital means.
As an example, Pinterest uses Disney Parks.

Keep travel within reach: Additionally, there are many travel brands that are pitching closer getaways and day breaks just to a[[eal to travelers who might not yet be willing to commit to long-distance plans. For example, Pinterest uses Hilton Hotels.

Pinterest's Tips for Travel Brands 2020 | DMC

Share your plans for safety and trust: It’s important to reassure travelers that their bookings will be flexible, and they can change, cancel, or even reschedule things easily whenever something arises.

Stay on top of the trends: Another Advice from Pinterest is to use Pinterest Trends to help guide their pitches to interest groups.

Personalize your message based on peoples’ passions: One of the most important Pinterest’s tips is that travel brands can use Pinterest research in order to guide their approach by honing in on a persona data.

“Visit California studied Pinterest Travel Personas to make sure they were appealing to people’s passions for travel that included wellness, spa, family, adventure, and foodie experiences.”

You can check out Pinterest’s tips about travel from here.

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