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‘Retweets with Comments’ Listings on iOS Is Now Launched by Twitter

You might have noticed something while using Twitter over the past few weeks, it is the retweet display, however, now, Twitter‘s making it official, at least for iOS users.

Over the past few weeks, Twitter has been testing the new retweets with comments listings along with the update looking to address a generally noted annoyance with Twitter’s shown engagement stats.

How Will the “Retweets with Comments” Work?

It is official that from now on your retweet count will include both retweets with comments and basic retweets, other than that you will also be able to see which is which in a new listing within the tweet detail.

Moreover, and up till now, retweets with comments has been considered by Twitter to be a unique tween in its own right. That means it intentionally has not included these in your total retweet count. On the other side, many Twitter users have suggested that this was possible a bug with Twitter’s system, however, it was not. Twitter considered a retweet with comments a separate action from the regular tweet.

However, the issue will be explained, and also you will be able to get a complete, all-encompassing listing of your entire retweet count, not only that but you will also be able to view the related responses, comments, and engage with those too if you choose to.

Probably now, The Andriod users are waiting for this new feature as well, no need to worry about that, Twitter is testing the new feature on Andriod as well, to make sure every user is using it.

Bear in mind that, the additional retweets added to your total count might add a little to your vanity stats, the capability to simply see retweets with comments, along with engaging with the same, is a meaningful, development, functional, that could boost tweet engagement.
In light of that, this Twitter feature is also very handy for marketers and need to take advantage of it.

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