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New Insights into Gen Z Consumption and Engagement Trends By Snapchat

All marketers are looking forward to understanding their target audience, if you’re looking to get a better and clear understanding of Gen Z, and the role that Snapchat might pay in your marketing and outreach efforts, then these insights will definitely help you.

Snapchat’s Gen Z Insights in 2021:

Today, Snapchat has published a new, 60-page ‘Snapchat Generation’ report, which incorporates responses from over 27,000 daily Snapchat users, from various regions, also provides a range of insights into the evolving behaviors and habits of this younger audience.

There’s a heap of information included in the full report, while there are also regional variants for selected markets.

For more information about Snapchat’s Gen Z insights take a look at some of the key, general findings from the results. First off, Snapchat notes that the next generation is significantly more likely to communicate with images over text.

Find Out More About Snapchat's Gen Z Insights in 2021 | DMC

Of course, that points to the rising popularity of the Stories format, and even TikTok – rather than communicating via traditional means, younger users are increasingly engaging via visual mediums to better communicate context and nuance.

Talking more about Snapchat’s Gen Z insights, capturing a video will express a reaction or response far better than words, and emojis too can convey more meaning in fewer characters. Obviously, is a keynote for brands looking to connect with this cohort.

Not only that but also, the results also show that younger users feel more empowered to influence change via digital connectivity.

Find Out More About Snapchat's Gen Z Insights in 2021 | DMC

On the other hand, they’re also looking to use their influence to encourage more responsible corporate behavior.

Find Out More About Snapchat's Gen Z Insights in 2021 | DMC

Regarding Snapchat’s Gen Z insights, this is a point that’s been reiterated in various Gen Z studies – younger consumers are increasingly aware of social issues, also are looking to brands that express their stance on such.

Additionally, Snapchat notes that Snapchat users generally have higher discretionary spending capacity than non-Snapchat users.

Find Out More About Snapchat's Gen Z Insights in 2021 | DMC

And that has always been the case – Snapchat has always been popular with higher income audiences, for whatever reason. Unsurprisingly, Snapchatters are also frequently looking to engage with new technology, such as AR, within their shopping experiences.

Find Out More About Snapchat's Gen Z Insights in 2021 | DMC

Besides Snapchat’s Gen Z insights, AR is slowly gaining momentum, besides becoming a bigger consideration. Worth also noting that 59 million Snapchat users engaged with AR tools in the app over Super Bowl weekend recently, along with several big-name brands launching AR-linked campaigns.

Everything is worth considering in your approach.

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